Acne without trace oil skin girl beautiful summer

Acne without trace oil skin girl beautiful summer

The acne is coming, the oil is too much, the pores are big, and the blackheads are coming to make fun. The MMs can’t help panic.

The summer is hot, the sun is hot, the air is dry, and the skin is facing a lot of abuse, especially oily girls can’t hurt it!

How to synthesize cobalt without acne?

Let ‘s walk into the “beauty summer camp” with Xiaobian.

  Fighting “acne” in the end reproduces the healthy skin of the bright summer sun, and the lush green always makes people feel a little bit more brilliant.

However, in the summer, the secretion of oil is strong, and the acne rises up. A serious red spot is like a small volcano that may erupt at any time. Every inch of white skin that is relentlessly occupied makes us suffer from “deteriorating appearance”!

Summer acne is imminent.

  Say goodbye to “cereals” and restore a refreshing look. Skin oils are always endless and will oxidize when exposed to air.

When the skin is oily, the sebaceous glands secrete more oil.

When irradiated with ultraviolet rays, the oil will accelerate oxidation.

After oxidation, the fat becomes sticky and turbid. If you stick to old keratin, dirt, etc., blackheads will form on the pores.

As the pores breathe and shrink over and over again, blackheads and oxidized grease will stick to the depth of the pore wall, accumulating and deepening, replacing the pores, which will cause pore expansion, collapse, dark particles, acne and other problems.

  Eradication of “Strawberry Nose” Reproduces the exquisite and small nose. Strawberry nose is usually the excessive secretion of oil from the oil glands of the nose. If not cleaned quickly, it will reduce the oil adenosine. Over time, it will cause the oil to harden.Black dots, these dots are listed as blackhead grease doubles.

So we became “strawberry” nose, the name is very nice, but it affects the beauty, so we must completely defeat the black nose.

  Shrink pores have rough skin tenderness and muscle pores. There are basically the following reasons. Dirt pores, strong sebum secretion, improper squeeze acne, improper use of cosmetics or drugs, skin relaxation and aging.

The large pores at both ends are a major failure of the beauty.

So shrinking pores becomes very important.

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