The ultimate anti-hole action for spring skin_1

The ultimate anti-hole action for spring skin

After all, wanting to have the good skin you dream of is not a matter of overnight, you must follow its own “principle”, the so-called “multiple lines of injustice must be self-confidence”, continue to choose the wrong method and choose the wrong product, will become a permanent skin killer,Therefore, we must “kill the pain” of various misunderstandings, apply the right medicine, overcome the fear of “holes”, and complete the ultimate anti-hole action of the skin.
  反“孔”目标一:收缩水  收缩水不能使粗大毛孔变小  “收缩水可以让粗大的毛孔变小”这样的“谎言”几乎在各种洁面产品的说明书中都能找到,然而必须揭示的One fact is that the size of pores cannot be changed artificially, you can only take some measures to make them look “small”.
  Some people are born with large pores; others are delicate and smooth, and no matter whether the gene of the person has a decisive effect on the size of the pores, but if you use facial cleansing makeup, it is best to use the matching shrinkage water, because some on the marketFacial cleanser does have the effect of expanding pores. If you want to maintain delicate and delicate skin, insisting on using shrinkage water will greatly tighten the skin and restore the original pores of the skin.
  反“孔”目标二:护肤品   频繁更换护肤品对毛孔损害大  很多消费者都有一种说法,“同一种护肤品使用时间长了,皮肤开始‘厌倦’,效果就好不如初,所以要加大Concentration or product replacement will be effective.
“In fact, the most basic function of the skin is defense and protection. Its nature is to resist external stimuli, which also includes the rejection of active ingredients in skin care products.
It takes time for the skin to get used to the new ingredients and gradually “remember” it.
  If you replace it frequently, this can easily cause the hair follicles to shrink, become strainless and enlarged, and the skin condition will deteriorate.
So the correct way is to use it for one or two years after you find the right skin care product. After your skin changes due to natural aging or environmental changes, adjust the original skin care product one by one.
  反“孔”目标三:过度清洁   过度清洁会加速毛孔老化  很多人将毛孔粗大统统归咎于油脂分泌过量,只要一看见粗大毛孔,想到的就是抑制油脂、深层清洁等等,在这里要特别指出,Only acne-type pores are suitable for the above methods, and if you are drying and aging pores, over cleaning will only make you worse.
  Although not properly cleaned, it will definitely affect the skin’s absorption of nutrients. However, the problem of large pores in most women is not cleaning, but the long-term irritation of the skin under excessive cleansing can easily cause skin inflammation.At the same time, water retention will also decrease, and the skin will unknowingly destroy its natural protective barrier, and it will age in advance.