The best time to get calcium before bed

The best time to get calcium before bed

During the day, three meals a day, the human body can supplement 300-400 mg of calcium. When the body’s calcium regulation mechanism works, when excess urine calcium is excreted from the urine, blood can be supplemented from food to maintain blood.Calcium balance.

However, at night, the urine calcium will still be excreted, but there is no calcium supplement in the food, so that the calcium in the blood will be released to fill the loss of urine calcium.

In order to maintain normal calcium levels in the blood, the body must extract a portion of its stock from the calcium storehouse, the calcium in the bones.

This regulatory mechanism causes most of the calcium in urine in the morning to come from bone calcium.

  At the same time, the hormones that regulate calcium metabolism in the human body vary from day to night.

First, blood calcium levels are higher every day at night and during the day.

Hypocalcemia at night may stimulate the secretion of parathyroid hormone and accelerate the breakdown of bone calcium.

If calcium is properly added before going to bed, it can provide sufficient “ammunition” at night and gradually use bone calcium in the body.

  Therefore, it is best to eat milk or other calcium supplement foods and medicines at bedtime.