Too thin for the elderly is bad for your health

Too thin for the elderly is bad for your health

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, most people who are too thin are associated with virtual fire, and their diet should be based on nourishing yin and clearing heat. In addition to eating more meat, eggs, and milk that contain animal proteins, you can add a small amountFood and sweet food, eat more soy products, fruits and vegetables, etc. Some cool foods such as black fungus, mushrooms, peanuts, sesame, walnuts and rabbits, duck meat, etc., can also choose appropriate food.

  Underweight or overweight people die the same.

In contrast, people who are slightly fatter (10-15% above the standard weight) have the longest life and the lowest mortality.

Why is a fat person as fatal as a fat person?

  First of all, lean people are able to adapt to the environment.

An old man has diarrhea in autumn and winter every year, and 100 medicines are ineffective, which is very nerve-wracking.

Later, a doctor asked him to put a cotton pad on his lower abdomen, and his illness was miraculously well.

It turned out that his body was too thin, there was no adult protection under the skin, cold wind hit, and coldness penetrated the bones and bones, causing internal dysfunction.

Under the administration of a hundred medicines, the symptoms are not treated at the root cause, so repeated treatments fail.

In addition to being a storehouse of energy, adults also have a certain protective effect on the body. This is why the thin people are afraid of cold.

  Essentially, lean people have less resistance.

It turns out that when the drought and disease strike, the thin and the weak are the first victims.

  Third, in addition to genetic factors and nutritional factors, there are many disease factors such as malignant tumors, chronic urinary tract diseases, indigestion, liver or kidney diseases, parasitic diseases, and tuberculosis.
We should be more vigilant for sudden or progressive weight loss of unknown cause.

  Therefore, it is normal for people to become middle-aged and elderly due to changes in their metabolism, interrupted activity, reduced consumption of small amounts, and a little fatness.

Open-minded, open-minded, reduced housework burden and reduced social responsibility, “heart fat body fat” appears, as long as it is not excessively obese, it is not a bad thing.

But with a big belly, abdominal fat is definitely not good.

On the contrary, if people are too thin after middle-aged and elderly, we must find out why.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lean people often have virtual fires, so their diet should be based on nourishing yin and clearing heat. In addition to eating meat, eggs, and milk containing animal protein, you can appropriately add a small amount of food and sweet foods, and eat more soy products.Some fruits and vegetables, such as black fungus, mushrooms, peanuts, sesame, walnuts, rabbits, duck, etc., can also be eaten appropriately.

In order to stimulate appetite, we should also pay attention to casting processing methods, eat less fried food and aromatic spicy food, and increase the number of meals appropriately.