Chen Hongjun、Yuan Jia and the little cousin were stunned,Soon,They are very excited one by one!

They hear clearly,Chen Geng, my nephew/My cousin wants to spend 100 million US dollars to build a comprehensive automotive industry design and R&D center,And keep it for yourself5%Shares of,Doesn’t this mean that my investment is worth it?500Ten thousand U.S. dollars?
This is500Ten thousand dollars!
All the funds in my hands add up to less than230DowanRMB,Current1:8.6The exchange rate,It means that the money in my hand has been turned over17Times。
As for why Chen Geng wanted to attract those domestic auto manufacturers,This is also easy to understand,With their investment,They will hand over related projects to this center to do?
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Realized that Chen Geng gave himself such a big premium,My cousin started to feel uncomfortable:“This one……brother,You gave me too much, right?”
“I’m not giving you your investment,I haven’t seen your money yet,”Chen Geng explained with a smile:“What I value is the ability of you and your small team and your reliability……Ok,I’m going to look back on your small team,If you people can’t,Maybe I will re-adjust the shares to you。”
I heard Chen Geng said that he would inspect his team,My cousin is relieved a lot,Nodded heavily:“brother,You come to investigate。”
Chen Geng said it for this purpose,Yuan Jia and Chen Hongjun finally understood what Chen Geng meant:Chen Geng is planning to set up an automotive industry design and R&D center in China,My son can help。
That’s good!
The couple originally wanted to start a business for their son、And I don’t agree with the design of the automobile industry.,I always feel that my son’s heart is too high:When you say industrial design, then industrial design?Why do people trust you?Why can you bring in business??