Marrying a good woman brings a man a relaxed mood

Marrying a good woman brings a man a relaxed mood

The taste of a man is to choose a wife, and choosing a certain wife is equivalent to choosing a certain life.

As the saying goes, men are afraid of getting into the wrong line, women are afraid of marrying the wrong man, why are men not? Hong Yingming, who wrote “Cai Gen Tan”, said, “It is not deaf!

“The thick demon is not too long, so is marriage.

The great man Shakespeare wrote many wonderful dramas throughout his life, but his conception of marriage was not romantic.

Because he knows the difficulties of marriage and knows more about life’s loss of love.

  In life, what is necessary for us to live?

What is really needed is a good attitude and a relaxed mood.

Only people who are harmonious at home and healthy in mind can be completely relaxed.

For example, marrying a good woman can bring a man a relaxed mood: 1.

The most important quality of a woman should be kindness, and filial piety comes first.

The world does not know how many hard-working men are struggling between their daughter-in-law and their own mother?

If I were a man, if the girl who was going to be my daughter-in-law dared to ask me, “I and your mother fell into the river, who do you save first?”

“I must pass her off, this is not human at all!


Xianhui, this is the eternal feminine virtue.


Knowledge of the book, this is the new era’s requirement for women to advance with the times.

The temperament and upbringing of a woman is a manifestation of richness of heart, and it is also where the distance from others really lies.


Thoughtful and tasteful.

The thought caused her to disdain the gossip between others, she has always been an “insulator”.

With taste, she can express her style with ingenuity.

I can’t tolerate my wife’s inability to see anything. I’m not poor, I can’t get used to her fault!



The most important thing for a man is dignity. She can knock me down at home, but she cannot ridicule me in public.

A woman who doesn’t know how to protect her husband’s dignity.


Full trust and relative freedom.

It is human instinct to like new and hate old, and no one can guarantee that he will only have a good impression on one person in his life.

All women who are about to get married are advised to study “Medical Psychology” carefully, and fully understand that their husbands like to focus on the beauty of pictorials and webpages. Do not be faulty for these subconscious acts.

Otherwise, it will be the marriage to death.

He wanted to stay alone for a while, don’t break his mouth and ask what was going on, bring a cup of tea, and just close the door gently.


Have a stable income.

In order to achieve independence and self-esteem, women do not depend on men to survive.


Refuse to be flamboyant and not overly passionate about the opposite sex.
She has good habits, smoking, drinking, all-night feasts and carnivals will not happen to her, she will not go to bars, nightclubs and other places to spend time.
She knows that her value is not to please the opposite sex, so she will not take the initiative to talk to other men.


Innocent a little childlike.

If a man really likes a woman, he should take the greatest care of her innocence.

A woman who has not lost her childishness makes the long and boring four eyes relatively fun.


Like reading and music.

Like reading is not a colorful fashion magazine, like music is not a pop song that you forget.

Classic books and music made the years and the trivialities of life unable to burn marks on her mind.


No excessive material desires.

this point is very important!

From frugality to frugality since ancient times.

Not to mention being content with the status quo and optimistic nature allows her to continue her youth.

Excessive vanity often causes mental tension and even overwhelmingness for men who are not “rich”.

My daughter-in-law should be able to ride in a BMW car and ride a bicycle; a five-star hotel can live in camping tents, and they have to endure hardships and hardships.


Strong ability to work, some skills.

Women at work obviously don’t have much time to wonder.

She has a little skill and enjoys herself and controls her mood well.


Don’t look ugly, don’t be too pretty, it should be the kind that looks more and more pleasing to the eye.


Good health and know how to keep in good health and basic medical knowledge.


It is also very important. Marriage life is a colorful, lively, and dynamic world. It is difficult to imagine a woman who is not romantic and has no passion is a good wife.

  It should be more than 15 standards.

With such a woman, even though the sun and the stars and the moon are cold, the mountains and trees are dying, and the light of marriage can still be warmly burned in the beginning of memory, in any visible and unknown corner .