Is TCM healthcare booming or flooding?

Is TCM healthcare booming or flooding?

Experts are very important to promote TCM knowledge. Cao Hongxin, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences: In the past two years, the knowledge of TCM health care and prevention and treatment has started to receive more and more attention.

This can be seen from a series of promotion activities actively undertaken by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or from the massive increase in TV programs and popular science books on health care and diagnosis of diseases.

  It should be said that these have a positive effect on people’s understanding of traditional Chinese medicine and the use of traditional Chinese medicine to treat diseases. In addition, the problems in some TV programs and popular science books are indeed shocking: the publicized methods of health care and diagnosis and the basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine.Out of touch, some exaggerated health effects, and even some propagandas are hunting for strangeness and arrogance.

For example, the four consultations of Chinese medicine experts “Wangwenwenqie”, but in the promotion of individual books or TV programs, there has been a one-sided reminder to replace the four consultations with one diagnosis, and exaggerate the one diagnosis.

In addition, there are also people who arbitrarily correct and interpret the concepts unique to TCM, which is even puzzling and will reduce the rigor of TCM knowledge.

This typical phenomenon will inevitably have an adverse effect on the development of Chinese medicine.

  In my opinion, Chinese medicine is a medical science, and it has rich Chinese cultural heritage. It is a knowledge system that combines Chinese medicine with humanities.

Therefore, in the promotion of TCM medical knowledge, especially when it comes to treating and saving people, whether it is popular science books or other media propaganda, we must first ensure that the knowledge is promoted by doctors, and in the course of the explanation, the basic knowledge of TCM theory and practice should be closely linkedYou can’t do whatever you want, even highlighting that certain theories can’t miss the “whole” consideration.

  Of course, the extensive development of TCM culture and knowledge requires the participation of people of insight in other fields to learn from each other’s strengths.

For example, explore how to turn the “difficult” Chinese medicine theory into a language of life and accurately convey it to the people.

Only in this way will it be more conducive to the scientific development of TCM, and will help more people understand TCM scientifically, enjoy TCM, and develop TCM.

  The garbage “knowledge” must be cleaned up Cheng Wei, Vice President of Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine: There is a market when there is demand, and this is true.

Looking at the present, because the people have the desire for health care, regardless of books or TV shows, as long as they can bear the banner of TCM health care, they will become sellable and have a market.

However, such a “red-hot” scene has a worrying aspect.

  It is no secret that the so-called best-selling books, the popular Chinese medical and health care content on popular TV shows can be described as chaotic.

A very prominent feature is the popularity of fake experts.

Some so-called experts have not even received strict medical training or real clinical practice experience, and their understanding of Chinese medicine is on a superficial level.

Some of them arbitrarily exerted some of the ideas in ancient books without analysis, while others made some scientific explanations on certain life phenomena and even disease manifestations, and even opened their mouths without any foundation.

  For example, books about “handprint discrimination” are very popular now, but how many doctors have handprint discrimination in western hospitals?

Problems such as handprint discrimination are not impossible to study, but you must not follow superstition blindly without foundation.

This is not only a problem that reduces the rigor of the science of Chinese medicine, because they are not mainstream at all, and even non-mainstream are not counted. They are merely hanging the signboard of Chinese medicine.

In fact, the vitality in ancient books is mainly some core content, and those very marginal parts are exactly the dead branches that are held back by those who are denied Chinese medicine.

If the hype is really to give people a handle, self-destruct the Great Wall and harm the society.

Such irresponsible behaviors are harmful to the public’s health concept, the image of traditional Chinese medicine, and the image of various media.

  This form of universal knowledge of Chinese medicine is a mixed bag for people who care about their health, and may even do more harm than good; for Chinese medicine itself, it can also bring side effects.

Well, the hat of “intentional or unintentional liar” will be buckled back to the head of Chinese medicine.

For the media that should be committed to science education, if they lose their judgment in choosing experts, it is contrary to their social responsibility to attract the public with market-oriented hype “celebrities”.

Moreover, our media have a certain degree of overlap. “Big-name” media even represents the official position for a certain length. It is really sad if some kind of “collusion” tool is used.

  In general, the situation of TCM health books and programs is mixed, and the situation of sand and sand is appropriately changed; obscurantist “knowledge” needs to be removed; real experts, scholars and various media should attach great importance to their social responsibilities and strive to reduceThe essence of traditional Chinese medicine is translated into ordinary people’s language; in China’s extensive science, the scientific spirit of advocating logic, emphasizing evidence, and being brave in skepticism and criticism still has a long way to go.

  Zhang Hude, a professor at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is full of economic interests: Knowledge creates wealth, so turning your own knowledge into goods and selling money has nothing to say.

But the mistake is wrong, pulling tiger skins to make a banner, using the wrong things, misleading the people holding you.

Especially when this knowledge will affect people’s health, it is even more intolerable.

  I am a person who specializes in health studies. It has been 30 years, and I have edited the university textbooks of the Yellow Emperor’s Canon, but so far, I can only say that I dared to say one-third of the content in the Yellow Emperor’s Canon.I can only look at the contents of the book in 3, and I dare not speak another 1/3.


Because “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” is too deep and complicated, you can’t understand it if you know some ancient Chinese.

In the same way, Chinese medicine health science is a discipline, and it can’t be explained clearly by anyone who knows a little about Chinese medicine.

In contrast, many of the best-selling health books and health programs on the market today are simply summing up some related content and talking about it everywhere.

Perhaps because they can say that they will translate ancient texts into vernacular text, they have won the favor of too many people, but such irresponsible knowledge transmission is not a good thing for the people.  In this chaotic health care promotion market, if the experts are actors, then the media behind them is the pusher.

For the sake of sales volume, and for the TV station ‘s ratings, the publisher only thought about how to turn it into something that ordinary people love to watch and wanted to watch, but it even seemed to deliberately evade the scientific nature of the content. It was necessary to find a so-called expert to be the “millionaire”It is a kind of sorrow for ordinary people.

  In fact, as people ‘s desire for health has deepened, preventive medicine, especially traditional Chinese medicine, should have a good development and expansion, but today’s chaos has forced people to sweat.

In my opinion, in order to regulate this market, at least two aspects of efforts are required to embark on the “right path”, that is, the experts strictly discipline themselves and the media perform their duties with due diligence.

  Popular science experts have to train Zheng Zhijian, secretary general of the Health Care Professional Committee of the Chinese Medical Doctors Association: Nowadays, the best-selling health care books are not the most scientific and rigorous. Some people worry about this situation.

  Such books or programs are welcomed by the people and have their own advantages.

For example, these best-selling books are less jerky to read, easier to understand, and some are even more promising.

However, the preliminary conditions for the existence of popular science books are not optimal and they are a substitute for science.

Therefore, as a science popularization worker, you should “speak what you study”.

Or some people say that I am involved in a wide range of fields and I have read a lot of relevant information. Why ca n’t I talk about it?

At present, traditional Chinese medicine is still Western medicine, and the branches are very detailed. Although “cross-border” is not impossible, there is no clinical practice, insufficient accumulation, or lack of confidence. It is also not credible to speak out.

  It is imperative to change the chaotic state of the health care market, and this requires a correct guidance.

The good news is that health authorities have now taken action.

In addition, adjustments should be made to the training system of doctors, for example, writing science popularization articles into credits, using vernacular medical knowledge as a compulsory task for doctors every day, in order to encourage and promote more real experts to participate in science.
Since good doctors can be trained through targeted training, good science experts can also be trained.