The more perfect the love begins, the more fragile it is

The more perfect the love begins, the more fragile it is

“Love is always new, love people, remember this.

“Xin Xiaoqi described the changing nature of love in the song” Every Love Is Dangerous. ”

According to a report from the US “Life Science” website on February 15, a new study shows that the more perfect the start, the easier it is to become a “blame”.

  Some people are accustomed to controlling their words and deeds, appearing “perfect” everywhere, and adjusting their behavior from time to time to suit their surroundings.

  Such people are flattering and easily gain the favor of the opposite sex.

At the same time, when they fall in love, they will always arrange various ingenious dates.

However, once the relationship between the two is re-established, they will show impatientness, lack of compromise, and difficulty in satisfying.

  Is Michael, a professor of communications at Northwestern University?

Rolov likened these highly self-controlling people to “social chameleons.”

“Hopefully leaving a good impression on others is unquestionable.

But in the relationship between the sexes, even if you face the person you love, you need to aim at the mask, which will give you a sense of alienation and falsehood.

Love requires two people to be open and honest, to truly express what they feel and think.

Maybe the social chameleon can attract each other’s attention at the beginning of love, but instead of changing time, fragile love can’t bear the disguise.