Remove dull yellow skin and restore skin gloss_1

Removes dull yellow skin and restores skin gloss

The “balance and balance principle” that must be followed in life, to eliminate smoking, alcohol abuse and other bad habits to maintain adequate sleep and proper outdoor exercise to alleviate the stress caused by fast-paced life and work.

According to some survey facts, women around the age of 30 can easily target their care due to pressure from various aspects such as family and work. They are also often unwell and are most likely to develop pigmentation spots.

Feeling more upset, forming a vicious circle.

Introduce some methods to remove yellow gas, it is said to be very useful!

  This requires a sufficient amount of water to flush the body’s toxins out of the drainage pipe.

Every day, the human body’s skin evaporates 600 milliliters of water invisibly, and it is also 600 milliliters for breathing out, and 1,400 milliliters of water will be lost for urination and excretion, for a total of about 2,500 milliliters.

If you drink insufficient water, the toxins can be eliminated in time, and the internal environment of the human body will be chaotic, which will cause a variety of diseases.

In particular, the skin is the largest organ of the human body. When water is scarce, many toxins accumulate in some pigmented spots in the skin, and the skin comes from it.

  In addition, 70% of the human body is hydrated if the skin is dehydrated.

  Be sure to drink cold or warm water a few times a day. This kind of water has high biological activity and can fully play its role in the body, especially morning and evening.

People with cold stomachs drink warm water, and those with hot stomachs drink cold water.

Drinking a lot of tea, porridge and soup will have a good hydration effect.

  Professor Li also suggested that keeping the skin clean is also very much advocated in the beauty of Chinese medicine, because it is also important for perfecting and exerting the skin’s detoxification and antibacterial functions, but it is important to choose a cleanser with less irritation to keep the skin weakly acidic.

Choose health products carefully according to your physical constitution.

People often follow the “public opinion guidance” of product promotion efforts and advertisements. They rarely consider whether it is suitable for themselves, and perhaps never think about whether it is suitable or not.

Think of health products, it’s the same for everyone, there is no harm.

The result is often a “miracle” that you don’t expect, and sometimes accidents.

  Professor Li pointed out that the physical condition of each individual is very different, that is, there are various physical constitutions such as cold, heat, deficiency, and deficiency in Chinese medicine. Therefore, the health products that need to be taken must be in line with physical constitution to see the effect.

  For example, if the complexion is not good, some people have spleen deficiency and some have kidney deficiency. Therefore, the results of the same health care product have different effects.

If you think of any kind of health product that is effective for you, it may be “targeted.”

  Classification and selection of oral beauty products Chinese herbal medicines 1 through Qi-enriching spleen, such as those containing ginseng, atractylodes, poria, yam, jujube, barley kernel and other ingredients, can weaken the spleen and stomach with a sense of power, thereby improving digestive function andThe body gradually enters a benign state, and achieves an improvement in color, such as those who often have poor appetite, bloating, and dry stools.

  2 The blood containing angelica, salvia miltiorrhiza, peach kernel, safflower and other ingredients can clear blood lipids deposited on the wall of blood vessels, improve blood circulation and make the blood come alive, so that the skin is rich in nutrients and the complexion caused by physical weakness improves.

Suitable for weakness, weakness, insomnia, backache and heavy legs.

Irregular menstruation.

  3 through heat and dampness, such as honeysuckle, forsythia, wild chrysanthemum, Yin Chen and other ingredients.

It can remove heat and wet poisons (metabolism wastes of bacteria) in the body and on the surface, resulting in balance of yin and yang, and harmony of qi and blood.

These toxic effects are dry skin or pigmented spots.

If you have headaches, dizziness, bad breath, poor appetite, often feel full, constipation, dryness, people with acne symptoms should replace this one.


By nourishing the kidneys and emollients as contained therein.

Shouwu, chicken blood rattan.

Huang Jing and other ingredients

The kidney tonic mentioned here is to regulate human endocrine function, and it is effective for people who have started to have pigmentation on the face and have rough skin.

  Animals contain sheep fetus, placenta, animal liver, blood, snakes, black chickens and other ingredients. Traditional Chinese medicine calls these “emotional products”, whose main role is to emphasize kidney, but its kidney is a person with different heat and physiology.

  It is suitable for those who are particularly debilitated, cold, or with older hands and feet that are often cold and ten-cold.

  Minerals contain pearls and pearl powder.

Mother of pearl powder, shells and other ingredients.

  Many beauty and health care products have added scientific evidence and experimental evidence in this regard, and most of them are based on the traditional appearance of beauty effects.
  Suggestion one before buying, see your doctor to see if you need supplements; if necessary, you should choose the right product based on the confirmed constitution.
  Second, in life, “medicine-food homology” is promoted, and some foods can not only provide energy and nutrition to the human body, but also exert the effect of medicine, without bringing unnecessary burden on the whole body.

For example, the complexion is yellow, and it is dialectically confirmed that it is caused by insufficient blood. You can use Pseudostellariae 3g, Angelica 3g, Polygonatum 3g, and Licorice 1g. After soaking them in a warm bottle for 5 minutes, drink as tea every day.After the child’s high-level stains, use indica rice, jujube, and rice or millet to make porridge, drink 2-3 times a day, the above two diet treatments can bring you surprises for 2-3 months.

  Third, it is best to choose Chinese herbal medicines, because animal health products are heterosexual proteins that sometimes cause allergic reactions.

Many ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines are foods that are eaten daily, and the use of long time will not have adverse effects.