Handbook of Survival Skills for White Collars

Handbook of Survival Skills for White Collars

White-collar skills in the workplace: Evaluation is changing.

Now some white-collar jobs will be replaced by more and more “software”. White-collar office workers need more skills considered by the world. If they can’t fully express your characteristics in the company, they are bound to fail.

Who do you know

Information technology has completely liberated the boss and made him more focused on future project partners. For white-collar workers, it is also an opportunity. The network becomes a global university. You may have to complete a project with these colleagues who are on the other side of the globe.

Do you know them

Business instinct: You don’t have to start your own business, but you have to think and act like your boss.

Because company-scale projects will be of an enterprise nature, these projects are brand new, teammates are brand new, and need to be adjusted at any time.

Love Technology: Technology is changing everything.

Please believe in this sentence advertisement, if there is anything to add, it is that the role of technology is still underestimated.

You don’t have to be a technical expert, but you must understand and control technology.

“Plagiarism” is not enough.

Marketing: It is not for you to be a brazen self-promoter, but you and your project must be spread through the Internet and exhibitions.

Passion for renewal: Maybe you like Dilbert and often laugh, but you still have to face the real problems: notorious companies, nasty bosses, boring work . if this is exactly whatYour situation is really sad. You need a passion, an effort to continuously improve your image. In this era of great change, we must re-create the world in order to feel how lucky to live in such an era.

  ”Rainbow tribe” workplace white-collar favorite “Rainbow tribe” means that life should include the following colors: red, enhance work efficiency, try to avoid overtime, pay attention to work and life balance; orange, can ensure sleep; yellow, actively resistRestore unhealthy foods, etc .; green, reduce psychological pressure; blue, exercise for health; discrete colors, highlight balanced nutrition; purple, care for the health of people around you.

They pursue a positive and healthy outlook on life and lifestyle.

If you are willing to change the status quo, be a happy “Rainbow tribe” and enjoy a more wonderful life, then you may wish to change from the following times: Decompression starts from eating, and stress can also start from eating, especially pay special attention to moreIngest alkaline foods such as fruits, vegetables, fungi and algae.

Supplement vitamins and trace elements typical stress foods, stay away from coffee, sweets and snack foods to promote food.

  To promote self-responsibility, we will be accustomed to finding various reasons, but in the end it will only make us cry, so learn to find answers from ourselves and ask yourself if you are incapable or overly harsh.Psychologists are saved.

  Look for one of the happy life goals, admit that you have a gain and loss of mind to face work and life, don’t give up your efforts easily, but don’t demand too much details.

We can have a hobby that makes us happy, even if it doesn’t seem to be in line with the tide; having a two or two dead party and getting spiritual wealth from it is the most fulfilling life.