Top 5 foods to prevent heatstroke to help you fight high temperature

Top 5 foods to prevent heatstroke to help you fight high temperatures

The hot summer is approaching, and the high temperature and the scorching sun sound a health alert.

From skin to spleen and stomach, the troubles brought by the scorching heat are endless.

Ultraviolet rays sunburn our skin, and the bacteria that breed in the summer invade the stomach. Of course, high temperatures have also debilitated many people and even caused heatstroke.

To avoid the sun, people flock to beaches, forests and various indoor facilities.

But at the same time, we can’t ignore the adjustment of eating habits.

Let the experts tell you how to “eat cool and healthy” with food supplements.

  The law of fruits and vegetables: As the temperature rises, our sweat discharge will also accelerate.

With the loss of water and minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc., we will become listless and tired.

“Absorbing the right fluids and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables can help you beat the heat,” Luigi, Herbalife’s vice president of medicine and education, and the American Association of Nutritionists?

According to Luigi Gratton, “In addition to replenishing moisture and minerals lost through perspiration, the antioxidants they cause can effectively prevent sunlight from damaging the human body.”

  Therefore, when the weather is hot, we should absorb more fluids and fresh fruits and vegetables.

So what kind of fruits and vegetables is the best health weapon to protect you from the summer heat?

  Five magical tricks for summer heat when high temperatures strike, Luigi?

Dr. Graton recommends the following five foods to keep you cool: Honeydew melon: There is nothing more representative of summer than melon.

They are all rich in potassium, but the honey content of honeydew melon is three times that of watermelon!

The orange-yellow color of the honeydew melon is derived from carotene, a powerful antioxidant that can help you fight against the sun’s hazards.

  Potential category: Did you spend too much time in the sun?

Sweet and delicious alkaline fruits mixed with aspirin-like substances can inhibit the anti-inflammatory effect and effectively alleviate the damage caused by sunburn.

In addition, they are a major source of antioxidant vitamin C.

Grapes, bananas, tomatoes, citrus, etc. are common substitutes and are suitable for summer consumption.

  Spinach: Leafy spinach with water and a lot of magnesium.

The green color of spinach comes from lutein, an antioxidant that protects the skin and eyes from the sun.

  Red pepper: So hot food on hot days?

That’s right.

Trace vitamin C peppers can effectively promote sweat discharge and reduce the effect of cooling.

If you don’t have a cold with red peppers, other spicy foods like garlic and ginger will do the same.

  Sports drinks: General water can effectively replenish moisture, but if you exercise in hot and humid environments, sports drinks may be a better choice.

They can help you replenish supplemental minerals and increase the body’s absorption of fluids.

In addition, its light sweet taste will make you more urge to drink more.

  The five fruits / beverages introduced above are common and cheap foods in daily life.

By ingesting their nutritional elements, we can use the most natural and healthy way to fight against the hot summer with food supplements.

As long as you use more snacks in your life, your health is a little bit more.