TCM Wang Wenqian’s Distinguish Khan

TCM Wang Wenqian’s “Distinguish Khan”

Chinese medicine believes that normal sweating can regulate body temperature, eliminate waste in the body, and regulate the balance of yin and yang of the human body.
And when the human body is out of balance between yin and yang, and viscera and dysfunction, abnormal sweating will occur. Therefore, Chinese medicine often judges the physical condition according to the time, location, amount and characteristics of sweating.
  First of all, we must rule out whether the disease is caused.
In general, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, congestive heart failure, hemiplegic spinal trauma, tumors, tuberculosis, etc. will cause abnormal sweating, accompanied by obvious corresponding symptoms.
In this case, the condition must be controlled in time, and then the sweating situation can be resolved.
Of course, more cases are abnormal sweating without obvious disease symptoms, which are summarized as follows.
  According to sweating time: One is excessive sweating during the day.
Regardless of winter or summer, in the case of inactivity during the day or light activity, sweating often does not stop.
These people often have characteristics such as physical weakness, low speech, poor appetite, and common cold, which TCM considers to be a manifestation of qi deficiency.
Such people can choose yam, soy milk, beef and mutton in their diet, and can also use codonopsis or astragalus stewed chicken or cavity bones to nourish the body and relieve qi deficiency.
You can also enhance your physique through soothing movements, combined with movement and static, such as practicing Taijiquan and Baduanjin.
  The other is sweating at night.
Sweating asleep, sweating when waking up, TCM is called “sweating”.
These people often have hot hands and feet, upset, facial redness and fever, dry oropharynx and so on. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this is a manifestation of yin deficiency.
Such people can choose to eat yin and syrup products such as lilies and Sydney, eat less hot food such as mutton, onion, shallot, ginger, garlic, etc., or use soaked water such as American ginseng, Ophiopogon, Schisandra or American Ginseng.
  According to sweating parts: First, excessive sweating. If excessive sweating occurs on the head and face after overeating, but feels full stomach, thirst, and do not want to eat, it is mostly accumulation of food, which can be relieved by reducing the amount of food and eating a light diet., You can also take some digestive medicine; if accompanied by heavy limb weakness, bloating discomfort, want to vomit, body fever, thick and yellow tongue coating, is the performance of hot and humid spleen and stomach, should pay attention to a light diet.
It is normal for a child to have mild head sweat during sleep; however, if they are accompanied by poor sleep, irritability, fright, and thinning hair, they should be diagnosed and treated in time.
In addition, the elderly and women who are weak after childbirth also have excessive sweating, which is mostly qi deficiency.
  The second is hyperhidrosis in the hands, feet, and feet. If the hands, feet, and feet are sweating with hot hands and feet, and the oropharynx is dry, they are mostly yin deficiency and heat.Fecal heat syndrome, you can take laxatives; if there is sweating in the hands, feet and heart accompanied by dry mouth, gingival swelling and pain, etc., most of them belong to stomach fever, you can take Chinese medicine to clear stomach heat, such as Niuhuang Qingwei pills, Qingwei Huanglian pills, etc.
  Third, the heart socket and sweaty chest are more common in some mental workers. These people are often accompanied by mental burnout, loss of appetite, poor sleep, and dreamy performance. They are over-thinking and lead to heart and spleen deficiency. You can use appropriate exercise, such as jogging, Taijiquan, Baduanjin, etc. to relieve stress and regulate mind and body.
  Distinguish by odor: normal sweat does not have obvious fishy odor. If the sweaty fishy smell is mostly related to heat syndrome or damp heat syndrome, it is liver fever. In this case, you can drink it through a light diet or using soaking water in Chinese medicine chrysanthemum and Yinchen.If the fishy smell is obvious, you should consult a doctor.
In addition, if there is a large amount of sweating, thirst, dizziness, chest tightness, nausea, palpitation, weakness in the limbs, tinnitus, inattention, and increased body temperature in a hot summer environment, it is generally a precursor of heat stroke. It should be timelyTransfer to a cool and ventilated place, add some light saline, it can return to normal within a short time, and symptoms can not be restored or severe, you should seek medical treatment in a timely manner.
  In addition to the above, there are some sweating performances, such as changes in sweat color, such as yellow sweat, red sweat, and black sweat. This situation requires comprehensive diagnosis and treatment by a doctor.
If a severely ill patient suddenly has sweating, cold limbs, weak or sweaty breathing, and shortness of breath, it indicates that the disease is dangerous.
  In short, if abnormal sweating is severe or accompanied by other severe manifestations, you should see a doctor promptly.