Chronic gastritis

Chronic gastritis

Chronic gastritis is a chronic, non-complication that results from frequent invasion of the colonic mucosa by various pathogenic factors, leading to atrophic or atrophic lesions. It is a common gastric disease.

  First, patients with spleen and stomach deficiency can see the epigastric pain, like rubbing and pressing, and the cold food will be aggravated, fullness after eating, loss of appetite, mental burnout, lacklustre complexion, and limbs are not warm.

Available: Put the washed rice chopped codonopsis 25 grams, the washed rice 50 grams, stir-fry in the iron pot to yellow, then put 1000 ml with water into the casserole, cook to about 350 ml, divideTimes eaten.

  Select white pepper pork belly soup 15g of white pepper, washed one fresh pork belly, put white pepper in the cleaned pork belly, add 20ml of water, and then tie the pork belly up and down with a thread, Use the simmering pot for 1 hour, and take it in portions after seasoning.

  Select 250 grams of fresh lean mutton and ginger, cut into thin pieces; wash 100 grams of rice; 15 grams of ginger, peeled and cut into shredded ginger.

Add the lamb and water to the casserole and simmer, then add the rice, and cook the porridge over medium heat. When it is ready, add the ginger and cook for a while.

  Second, patients with hepatic qi stagnation can see fullness in the upper abdomen, especially in the lower stomach of the xiphoid process, which can be connected to the flank when pain, more significant when emotionally agitated, often belching, and feel comfortable after belching.

Food therapy may have liver-relieving food, such as: 120 grams of fresh celery stewed with honey in vegetable juice, 30 grams of fresh plantain, and 100 grams of fresh white radish. Wash the three, smash, and squeeze the juice.

Put the juice in the stew pot, add the right amount of fine honey, and boil before taking.

  Bergamot soup bergamot slices 12 grams, pork lean meat (or peeled chicken) 50 grams, chopped, and then add soup.

Be careful not to cook for long.

  Kumquat pork belly soup 30 grams of kumquat root, 1 fresh pork belly, washed and chopped, at the same time put in a casserole, add 1000 ml of water to the soup, cook to about 350 ml, season, drink soup and belly.