Huilidu Celery Pea Bean Puree

Huilidu Celery Pea Bean Puree

Product name: Huiliduo Celery Pea Puree Applicable stage: baby over 4 months Package: bottle Market price: RMB7.

00 product brand: Huili multi-edible method: This product can be eaten directly; it can also be heated by hot water or microwave.

If using a microwave oven, the cap must be removed.

After heating, stir well and try feeding before feeding to avoid scalding the baby.

  Ingredients: vegetable juice, celery, peas, rock sugar, vitamin C.

Celery has a special aroma and is rich in vitamins such as folic acid.

  Product introduction: Pea has a green color and contains starchy starch, protein and minerals such as phosphorus and zinc.

The combination of green leafy vegetables and beans is full of color, aroma and taste, with a soft texture, coolness, rich nutrition and balance.