Start the construction of the artificial intelligence calculation center, Wuhan consolidated "digital base"

In 2021, the Wuhan Municipal Government Work Report pointed out that in 2020, the Wuhan digital economy accounted for more than 40%, and 1842 new technology companies were increased throughout the year, reaching 6259 households, and growth%. Artificial intelligence, big data technology has been widely used in Wuhan, providing strong technology support for winning epidemic prevention and control.

At present, Wuhan is accelerating the development of artificial intelligence, focusing on building a new generation of artificial intelligence innovation development test areas, in order to strive to enter the national first-party array in the country, realize major breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence, building a national leading artificial intelligent innovation resource set District, building a model of models of the country first try and apply demonstration, urgently need to enhance urban artificial intelligence. In October 2020, the Wuhan Practice Intelligence Computing Center launched construction, the computing center will provide effective protection to enhance the strength of Wuhan people’s intelligent technology layer, incubation and promote artificial intelligence application flooring, providing basic software and hardware platform for Wuhan and surrounding areas, Technical layers provide the basis. In the future, we will focus on the Wuhan People’s Intelligent Computing Center, which will focus on the public integration services, innovation, industrial gathering, scientific research innovation and talent training, carry out the construction of an ecological system, cultivate artificial intelligent industrial ecology, and build artificial intelligent application demonstration projects Supply supporting thousands of intelligent upgrades. In order to further promote the construction of the new generation of artificial intelligence innovation, the construction of the new generation, and develop special policies: focusing on the head enterprises, support major investment projects, establish an industrial investment fund, incubation, cultivate small and medium-sized enterprises, core technical research and innovative platform construction, Supporting the construction of scenarios, high-end talents and other aspects, and create a good policy environment that promotes artificial intelligence innovation. On November 21, 2020, the Wuhan Personnel Intelligent Industry Alliance was formally established, and the Industrial Alliance was established by enterprises such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Tencent, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and National Digital Design and Manufacturing and Innovation Center, and the establishment of colleges and innovation platforms. Building politics, production, learning, research, capital, use resource collaborative platform, to promote the construction of a new generation of artificial intelligence innovation development in Wuhan country.

Through the construction of the full stack independent controllable artificial intelligence calculation center, the artificial intelligent industry layout of "one center is four platform" is formed, and the Wuhan people’s intelligent industrial cluster will enable Wuhan people’s intelligence competitiveness. The calculation center will provide a one-stop artificial intelligent development environment.

For smart chips, intelligent networks, network security, smart transportation, intelligent manufacturing, smart digital design and construction, smart medical and other scenes, and simultaneously import artificial intelligent ecosystem, talent training system, solve Program incubation system, developer community, open source community and other soft capabilities.

After completion, it will attract a large number of artificial intelligence upstream and downstream enterprises to settle in, joint colleges and research institutes, form "political-production-learning-research-use" ecological industry alliance, through integrated industrial clusters, promote digital, intelligent in Wuhan industry The level of chemical level is conducive to the industrial organic update, iterative upgrades, in order to make Wuhan a new highland of national science and technology innovation maps, it is an important support for the technology innovation main engine in the middle and high-quality development of the city’s regional economy and society in the middle of the central region.

The rivers and lakes gave the power of Wuhan, which wrote anti-hersti with tenacity.

Today, standing in the historical intersection of "two hundred years", the "Heroic City" in Wuhan is in the power of AI, and the new chapter of Jingchu Di Di Digital Industry is.

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