4 Tips for Emergency Repair to Awaken Tired Skin

4 Tips for Emergency Repair to Awaken Tired Skin

Soon after the long vacation, many people returned to the company with a tired face, wanting to make their professional return, let the skin clear up!

Designed for “Holiday Skin Syndrome”, it’s not too late to add now!

  Because of the lack of regular lifestyle habits and the neglect of skin care, skin fatigue, dullness, allergies, sunburn, pigmentation, dryness, peeling, fine lines, etc. must be known. These skin problems will make you look very beautiful.Tired, urgent repair is urgent.

  Holiday Skin Syndrome 1: Skin tiredness, dullness, and dullness: After all, tiredness and fatigue can be like us, and we can’t hold anything up, don’t absorb well, nourish the skin, and how to make the skin radiant.?

  Editorial Tips: Improve skin absorption, use wet and exfoliating products to remove old dead skin cells.

  Recommended product for the right remedy: Sisley Sisley Exfoliating Care Cream 520 yuan This single product can gently remove old dead keratinocytes and pores, promote the regeneration of tender skin, and often use it to improve the dull state of the skin.

  Symptomatic medicine recommended single product: MISSTU Tai Chi Ginseng Mask 289 yuan / 120ml bright white state.

  Holiday Skin Syndrome 2: Skin slackness, dry peeling, and root cause: under the pressure of travelling, the skin is exposed to the wind and the sun, and normal sleep time cannot be guaranteed. At the same time, no timely intensive care is taken, and the skin is dry, peeling and fine linesThey are more obvious, and the skin becomes extremely fragile.

  Editing tips: After moisturizing and tightening the skin, after cleaning the face, use a paper mask with thermal insulation effect for a twelve-minute SPA. The moisturizing mask hydrates the skin and removes dry dander.

  Recommended products for the right remedy: No added cream firming mask 285 yuan This mask contains rich beauty vitamins, which can activate skin cells and make skin firm and youthful.

Highly water-blocking, effectively activates and firmes skin.

It can eliminate the oxidizing substances that age the skin, and eliminate the yellowing and dullness on the surface.

  Recommended single product: OLAY Magnolia oil beauty rejuvenating mask 130 yuan / 5 pieces of heavy plastic original protein, effectively whiten skin tone and narrow pores, significantly improve skin texture, significantly diminish sun spots, repair effect after sun is obvious.

Replenishes skin’s moisture in a large and long-lasting way, effectively softening the skin.

  Holiday Skin Syndrome 3: Freckles in the onset period: the skin is still white before the holiday, how can I get a good spot when I come back?

This is because during the festival, we go to visit relatives and friends, or go out to play. The longer the sun, the more easily the skin cells are damaged.

  Editing Tips: Intensify skin repair and whiten skin spots.

Immediately use the whitening and spot-reducing essences, day cream, night cream, and mask to intensive whitening and repair the skin, repair damaged cells and deeply inhibit melanin throughout the day, so that the skin can survive this “dangerous period”.

  Suggested single product: No added whitening and spotting essence mask 950 yuan / 15ml whitening essence effectively whitens the skin and restores the skin to be white and even.

Continuous vitamin C inducer, combined with ACWhite, ACWhite, enhances whitening power and deepens pigmentation.

Cool and comfortable, effectively moisturizing, make dry lines and fine lines lighter after sun exposure, and make skin white and shiny.

Fibre membrane clipping surface, covering comprehensive, effective penetration.

  Recommended single product for the right medicine: Sisley Sisley Huan White Brightening Mask 850 yuan / 30 ml of ingredients penetrate and soothe.

  Holiday Skin Syndrome 4: Blackheads Investigate the Basics: I spend every day in a busy party, so I do n’t care about deep cleansing at the same time. At the same time, greasy foods become home cooking, the body is overloaded, and the skin is hurt.

  Editor’s Tip: Focus on clearing blackheads in the problem area. Use a facial mask product specifically to remove blackheads, so that the mask removes dirt from the pores, soften the blackheads, and then use the “cleansing flutter” to massage and wash away the mask. The pore cleansing index will be greatly improved.!!

Regular use of blackhead-removing mask products can also narrow pores, improve oil secretion and retain skin moisture, which is clean without feeling tight.

  Recommended product for the right remedy: Estee Lauder Balancing Cleansing Cleansing Mask 300 Yuan / 75ml refuses to shine, and radiates the skin’s pure light.

A highly effective facial mask that brings deep cleansing, making your skin clearer, more transparent and more refreshing than ever before.

Contains natural clay with a magical cleansing effect, treats the skin gently without any harm.

Can effectively deep clean the impurities of capillary pores, remove blackheads and skin blemishes.

Instantly, the skin is smooth, tender, and long-lasting.

  Recommended products for the right remedy: JURLIQUE JULIQUE Clear Clear Mask 460 yuan / 40ml a deep cleansing and detoxifying dual-effect mask natural mineral mud with almonds, wheat bran plus precious plant extracts.

Can remove impurities from the surface of the skin, eliminate the skin’s old cuticles and excess oil, make the skin feel pure, clear and full of vitality.