Can divorce be prevented psychologically?

Can divorce be prevented psychologically?

How to prevent divorce?

The prevention of “the divorce psychology” is a key exchange.

In this way, both husband and wife must calm down and analyze carefully. They cannot evade reality, avoid contradictions, or even intensify conflicts.

To prevent the occurrence of divorce psychology, it is necessary to prevent the fission of emotions from occurring during the marriage fatigue and fatigue.

  For those couples who have various contradictions and disagreements, preventing divorce is a very important psychological issue.

Only by doing a good job of preventing and correcting divorce psychology can we maintain the harmony and harmony of the relationship between husband and wife.

To prevent and adjust the divorce psychology, pay attention to the following issues.

  (1) Calmly analyze and prevent a divorce from a marriage and family is a contradiction.

Any marriage and family will have such advantages.

When there are conflicts between husbands and wives and emotional rifts, the sensitive issue of divorce may be involved.

At this time, the prevention of “the occurrence of divorce psychology” is a crucial alternation.

In this way, both husband and wife must calm down and analyze carefully. They cannot evade reality, avoid contradictions, or even intensify contradictions.

Calm analysis is to calmly distinguish some of the fundamental problems that cause emotional breakdown, some of which are non-principles.

For fundamental problems, it is to prevent the other party from recognizing the dangers and help to save them. For those non-principle problems, as long as they forgive each other, understanding will occur.

As long as you calmly analyze each other, especially to recognize the divorce that caused the family to break up and the misfortune for the child, and put yourself in the position of the family and the child, you will reduce the blindness of divorce, avoid distressed divorce due to some small things, andAnd regret it all, these are all extremely irresponsible and extremely serious attitudes and practices.

  (2) Constantly regulating and preventing tired marriage Every couple’s marriage life must go through a period of marital fatigue.

Especially most middle-aged couples, their marriage life has experienced the sweet period of newlyweds, the continuous adjustment period of emotional life, the empathy period of childbearing and childbearing, and the period of marriage boredom caused by family conflicts.The deep stable period of attachment.

Then, to prevent the occurrence of divorce psychology, it is necessary to prevent the fission of emotions from occurring during marriage boredom.

  The relationship between people is just like any other thing. If you have longer contact, you will get bored. Just like when you have been in contact with the same thing for a long time, you will feel tired.

When people reach middle age, they will also get tired of marital marriage, decline in sexual charm, detuned sex life, less attractiveness between couples, more and more delicate relationships, and more and more disharmony., Inconsistent in thinking, opposing common interests, and even indistinguishable, different dreams in the same bed, boots separated, heading for a breakup.

The main reason for this phenomenon is that some couples cannot be cautious about marital boredom.

How can we get through the weary period of marriage stably?

  First, we must establish the idea of spouse first.

In the life of husband and wife, there are many things to deal with, but it is important to first consider the legitimate emotional requirements of the spouse, put each other first, consider each other everywhere, and think for each other. Various contradictions in lifeOnly then can it calm down, and the balance of life situation can be maintained, so as not to cause various contradictions, and not to cause emotional breakdown due to various contradictions.

  Second, we must strive to improve our respective cultures.

The important means of maintaining attractiveness is to improve their respective cultural accomplishments, cultural accomplishments, interest accomplishments, aesthetic accomplishments, knowledge accomplishments, and interpersonal accomplishments.

Because husband and wife constitute a community, no matter how good the individual’s cultivation is, it will not have a positive impact on the overall cultivation of the family. Only by improving the cultivation of both parties can the overall cultivation of the family be improved.The role of the family.

  Third, raise children together and increase affinity.

Cultivating the healthy growth of children is also a condition for family happiness and a happy marriage.

In a family, the birth and growth of a child are the result of the joint efforts of a husband and wife, and the meticulous training of children to grow up is a shared responsibility between husbands and wives and a bond to maintain the marriage and life.

Co-cultivating healthy and prosperous children, both husband and wife have a sense of accomplishment, which can promote the role of maintaining the stability of marriage.

  (3) Adapt to reality and prevent accidental divorce. Marriage life is the most realistic and the most complicated.

The complicated marriage life is sometimes not peaceful, and it will inevitably breed something: such as the birth of a child, the independence of children, natural disasters and human disasters, old age, sickness, and death.

All of this will bring unsettling factors to a peaceful life, and even a good event will break the series of peace and balance.

  This change is a test for the husband and wife, and it is also an invisible threat. However, husbands and wives in a happy marriage relationship often fail to face the reality bravely because they do not have the ability to respond to changes in real life.Contradictions.
If the couple can face the reality and have a strong ability to adapt to the reality, they will face the reality and work together to cope with the difficulties caused by various realities, which is from the family itself.

So, from the perspective of social reality, it is more complicated and changeable, especially in the current period, where the old and the new are changing, and the period is changing for no reason, such as laid-offs, changes in marriage concepts, etc., will bring a certain degree of stability to family life.The shock of those families that can respond to such changes will not be able to withstand the test in response, and the marriage will rupture and disintegrate in the actual response.

  Resilience is actually a kind of psychological adaptability.As a normal healthy marriage psychology, it is appropriate to have immunity that can adapt to various situations that cause shock waves in marriage.

The training of resilience is mainly based on the usual cultivation. We must continue to cultivate our psychological qualities that are not shocked and invariable. With this psychological quality, we will face the storm and see the world in real life., Good at dealing with the various contradictions of the real and complicated marriage life, so as to avoid the divorce psychology.