Ten fun outdoor gear

Ten fun outdoor gear

Conditions are generally difficult during travel or field adventures. In order to make the journey a little more “luxury” and “enjoyment”, it does not prevent you from trying to put a few items in your backpack.


Headscarf: Spider webs are common on foot in the jungle. If you unfortunately get tangled in your hair, it will be uncomfortable for a day.

Bringing a headscarf is not to block the line of sight, take pictures without touching the frame, and even save sweat.

A small cloth, Wall made a towel or scarf, can also protect from the cold if necessary.


Cane: Telescopic type is easy to carry, can drive away small animals when necessary, or can open grass.


Flying saucer: Consider fruit trays on long-distance buses, pads for cutting vegetables and writing, dishes, small washbasins or water containers, and amphibious entertainment supplies. They have multiple functions and do not occupy volume in the bag.


Slingshot: Can’t make it in the city, practice in the wild, increase fun when hiking, hit wild fruits and the like, it is an environmentally-friendly weapon.


Private business cards: No scary titles and admirable companies, just phone, address, email.

The so-called gentlemanship is as fresh as water.


Large plastic tablecloth: on the lawn in sunny days, it can be used as a longer tablecloth or as a bed sheet for a short nap; in rainy days, it can be covered with a bag, which can save a special poncho.


Large square cloth: Once it can be used as a bath towel. After swimming in the canyon and waterfall, everyone can see the change of clothes and cover it with this cloth.

Second, if the hotel sheets are dirty, you can also use it as a sheet.

Finally, you can put it on your shoulders for sun protection.


Toiletry bag: I ‘m not going to use it anymore, it will keep your toiletries in order.


Sealed bag: 10 pieces each time you go out, wet clothes, snacks you can buy, can be filled.

Unsealable plastic bags often cause mistakes.


Playing cards: Playing cards on the go can be a boring time.

However, this is not the most useful use of playing cards.

At the critical moment, playing cards can be randomly marked, 54 cards, 100 meters each, and 5400 meters can be written.

The card also left messages for later generations.

  The above items are suitable for backpackers regardless of weight and volume.