Workplace guns and arrows

Workplace guns and arrows

Fearing jealousy about her female colleague, she wanted to “drive him away”, and the male doctor Mo Mo designed to frame it and replace a box of vaccines returned by the other party in the river.

A vaccine worth 6,218 yuan was in the soup, but it was Mo Mou who suffered-Yesterday, the Liyang County Procuratorate arrested him on suspicion of intentional vandalism.

  Reduction of income and resentment According to investigation by the procuratorate, Mo is 27 years old and graduated from Liling Medical Studio.

Over the past three years working in the Daxi Town Health Center in Liyang County, Mo has been praised by his colleagues for his superb skills and quickly became a medical backbone.

But the good times didn’t last long. The appearance of a woman broke his peaceful life.

  In June 2008, in order to strengthen the medical work, the female colleague Luo Mou was arranged to go to the clinic to “mate”
with Mo Mou.

As the saying goes, “Men and women match, work is not tiring”, but Luo appeared, but made Momou “painful.”

Mo confessed that the hospital implemented bonus distribution according to work. After Luo arrived, his workload decreased and his income quickly replaced.

  Although Luo graduated from technical secondary school, his business ability is solid and he is also good at dealing with people, and has continuously won praise from everyone.

“I feel alienated from my colleagues.

Mo’s account, over time, his anxiety began to unbalance.

But he is introverted and unwilling to communicate with others.

  The anti-arrest “contradictions” in design framing got deeper and deeper, and Mo Mou decided to design framing Luo Moumou and “squeeze them out.”

  The opportunity came quickly. On the morning of February 4, 2009, Luo went to the county hospital to collect a box of vaccines.

Anxious to leave work, she forgot to lock the vaccine in the locker.

Luo Mou’s mistake was found carefully by Mo Mou. At about 10 o’clock that night, Mo Mou went to the office to find something, stole the vaccine, and threw it into Lushui River.

  ”Whoever takes things back should be held responsible!

Momo said, he filled with joy waiting for Luo to “go away.”

He did not want Luo to report the case. After two weeks of investigation, the police finally put his hand on Mo’s hand.

  The prosecutor in the case reminded that Moumou tried to “crowd out” his colleague by using criminal methods.

It is inevitable that frictions arise in the work. Everyone should think carefully and replace the correct way to deal with the law.

  They were all jealous. “The two of them are in the office. It’s not easy to find out the truth?

Zhang Jing, who lives in Nanping, believes that Mo’s idea is “naive” and that his behavior is too aggressive. If the vaccine thrown away is used urgently, the consequences will be disastrous.

“He’s too stupid!

“Ms. Zheng, who lives in Yangjiaping, said she could understand Mo’s frightening psychology, but Mo realized that she had a weak legal concept and didn’t know how to deal with people.

  Yang Fahui, director of the Chongqing Psychological Crisis Intervention Center, said that when you see others being better than yourself, you don’t have a feeling in your heart. Everyone has this kind of jealousy.

But Mo Mou transformed ordinary fear and jealousy into revenge actions, and there may be mild psychological obstacles.

Director Yang said that in the fierce competition in the workplace, many people face double pressures of work and life, and their psychology is in a sub-health state.

Citizens can choose the following methods to relieve stress: First, often communicate with relatives and friends to vent their dissatisfaction in a timely manner; Second, choose a strong or “competitive” exercise method; Third, choose to communicate with experts in psychology when appropriate.