Who works outside 8 hours

Who works outside 8 hours

The routine life of “9 to 5” is getting farther and farther away from the workplace. In this modern society where the concept of time and space is becoming increasingly blurred, working overtime has become a hidden rule in the workplace, completely subverting the traditional concept of work.

If you do n’t work overtime, it means that you are not dedicated enough or full, especially in some occupations, 8 hours is already in name, their working state is like a string that is tight at any time, and their mind always has the “next” consciousness.The hourly work system is just a dream for them.

  The head is in the “working state” for 24 hours. Readme: Xiaoyaoren (a newspaper columnist) sleeps naturally every day, and he controls all the work hours. Even when he is working, he can code well on his computer and send an email.That’s okay-Many friends often envy my work status. In their opinion, journalists are freelancers and have no job constraints at all.

Actually, I envy them that they have to die-no need to search the belly to make exclusive news, no need to worry about being called by the editor in the middle of the night to report breaking news, no need to put the code in front of the computer in the middle of the night while everyone is sleeping-just typeAt 5 o’clock, you can do nothing and live your own life.

  ”Scraping” in the middle of the night, I saw it on MSN. Those buddies who are online and in “Busy” are basically colleagues. Everyone greeted me with a mockery.

“Yeah, so are you.

“It’s been a while, and the editor killed a phone halfway,” “You have to change your manuscript, come back soon!”

“No way, I have to obey the club.

  There is no time limit, which is equivalent to working 24 hours.

I never felt that my head was resting one day, and was always “working time”.

Even if today’s manuscript is finished, we still have to think about what to write tomorrow, what we will write the day after tomorrow, and even have to think about it. May 1st, what news about the festival will be found.

They all have occupational diseases. Whenever you see something, you have to go through it in your head. Can you make a manuscript? Typical compulsive symptoms.

If one day finds that there is nothing to think about, he will be terribly nervous, always thinking about what to do tomorrow, and when he dreams at night, he will also think about what to do on this topic, and he should be nervous. This is the psychological portrait of the reporter.

  That’s how it is to be a reporter.

Even if you want to be lazy, you will put it in front of one editor every day. No matter how much, you have to think of something to make a difference. To be honest, there is so much news to write, and to be honest, you can’t get along with yourself.

If one day you are a “nine-to-five” office worker, it is a joy to sleep peacefully every day.

  Without that physical strength, don’t go into this line of self-report: Gao Han (Advertising Design Company CEO, former 4A company creative director) when it comes to work intensity, I am afraid that the advertising industry is famous, and overnight work is commonplace, and it takes several months to make a caseFor days without sleep, that’s perfectly normal. Don’t advertise without this energy.

Now I start my own company. This kind of life is much less, but when I think about it, let me go back to the life of 4A in the past, I am afraid that I have no courage.

  At that time, I took a big list and made an overall plan for clothing products. From brand name, product design to product manuals, selecting models, and doing booths, we all need to handle it by one hand.

A group of people are busy doing research, customers are rushing to the exhibition next month, and we become ants on a hot pot.

It doesn’t count, which advertising company does not do several orders together?

At that time, I really didn’t feel sleep every night. One fell down and the other picked up. Everyone took turns to work on the case. Why are you so busy and tired? They are numb. There is a word of “urgency” in my heart, just thinkingHurry up before the deadline.

Things were done, and they were taken to customers, and they were “shot.”

While scolding the client for not knowing what to do, he can only take it back to rework, and it must be done again in a few days. This is the most painful thing. In the final analysis, the name of creative director sounds good, but it is actually “working”.It ‘s all the same, look at the customer’s face and do things.

  I have done advertising for almost 10 years, and sometimes I ca n’t stand it. For a period of time, I ca n’t bear the pressure. I went to the IT company for a while, and came back after a year of rest.

After all, advertising has a wide range of contacts, and it is interesting. Thinking about it, I still go back to my old business. It has been a long time and it is not as hard as it was at the beginning. There are many things you can do next.

  However, for those who have just entered this industry, I would like to give a few suggestions. Without that mental preparation, don’t enter this line. Don’t think about making more money in this line. Your contribution is more than the money you earn.

  Not only use your brain power, but also spell yourself: Lily (Accounting Firm Audit) has long heard that the “Big Four” is not a place to stay, and the work is particularly hard, especially auditing.

But in the senior year, the first presentation was the “Big Four”, and the PWC presentation was very well done. The audience was very passionate, and I was one of them.

Today, it is difficult to find a job. It is also a good choice to enter the “Big Four”.

So when PWC offered me an offer, hesitated and decided to go.

  I didn’t know it was bitter until I went in.

“A man is used as an animal, and a woman is used as a man.”

I have only been working for more than a year and basically run around the country.

This month is in Shenyang and next month in Guangzhou.

If you can go to Hangzhou, places like Nanjing don’t feel like traveling.

I ‘m from Shanghai. It ‘s okay. After some foreign students entered the “Big Four”, the rented houses basically did not live for a few days.

  Once you have an item on hand, working overtime is as essential as breathing.When we were working on a project in Hangzhou, we were close to the end, we stayed at the hotel to sort out the data, report, and did not leave the room for 2 days and 1 night.

A Hangzhou girl from the same project team didn’t even have time to call back. Although the hotel is not far from her home, there was no chance to go back and look at it on weekends.

  Another time, I just finished a field project and returned to Shanghai to join the local project team.

I haven’t breathed, I’m dizzy and tired, and unfortunately caused some data errors. I have to start the analysis from the beginning.

After searching for a long time, I didn’t find out what was wrong, and people were so sleepy that they cried.

The manager saw it and patted my shoulder as a comfort.

The sister told me that it is not unusual to use the cry to vent in the “Big Four”.

Therefore, others look pretty, small white-collar workers, in fact, work is not just mental, but also physical strength.

  Overtime, so the girls in the “Big Four” are divided into two, one is getting thinner and the other is getting fatter.

The former does n’t eat anything because it does n’t finish the work, the latter is to eat hard after working overtime. The supper is the easiest to get fat.

  Although the income is good, there is no overtime pay.

The money was actually lost to youth and worked hard to earn it.

People now look at the “Big Four” more rationally than in the past and no longer worship blindly.

The “Big Four” girls are often satired, earning a lot of money but not spending time.

  Most people don’t stay in the Big Four for long.

Because how many partners can do?

This kind of high-pressure and high-intensity work laid the foundation for future development.

Most people who change jobs will find it easy to work in the new unit, and people around them are very inefficient.

This may be the reason why the “Big Four” is so tortured but still attracts a large number of college graduates.

  I have long lost the concept of overtime readme: Bobby (software engineer) overtime?

I haven’t had the concept of overtime for a long time.

It’s no surprise that you don’t have a day of rest for a month, because almost every software engineer has this experience.

Our company is a financial software system. The main customer is the postal service. We undertake their savings system, intermediate business and related systems.

  The postal savings business is in small cities in China, and the towns are very developed.

There are definitely more postal savings banks than ATMs in the city.

Therefore, we also run small and medium-sized cities and towns on business trips.

The places where I often travel are the small cities and towns around Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

It is very hard to do projects in those places. Because there are many places and few people, it is usually a group of 1-2 people, so the responsibility is very great, and the pressure naturally comes.

Secondly, the computer level of customers in those regions cannot be separated from that of a large city like Shanghai, and debugging, testing, and explaining will be extra strenuous.

Although the boss or the client did not specify the time for the project to be completed, we have to hurry, because a lot of work is waiting for you later.

  That time I was on the system in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, and I was busy for a week without sleep, no more than 5 hours a day.

At the end of the test, my mind was a little confused and I found that the system was a bit problematic.

I was terrified, and finally found the cause of the error, and I deleted a project operation.

Fortunately, the problem was found during the test, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.

At least the loss I can’t afford.

In the future, when I am working on a project alone, I am really nervous and I am afraid that I will make mistakes.

  Many software engineers in the company went to the bar to vent once the project was over, and the pressure was too great.

At this time, it is particularly easy to get drunk.

It’s not that you can’t drink a lot, it’s because your body is in bad condition, and once the project is over, the tight string loosens.

  It is too tiring to do IT, and I eat youthful meals.I know a software engineer at the information center of China Merchants Bank. After working for a year, I was too tired.

365 days a year, she said she worked at least 355 days and took no more than 10 days off.

Girls go on doing this, they grow old too quickly.

I graduated from a college classmate. I have a telecommunications company that works as a technical support. Compared with after-sales service engineers, I have to work overtime.

Once the customer has a problem with the equipment, they take it out and even shut it down in the computer room without letting it out.

He was too depressed.

Because our working time is when others are resting, when others are working, the procedures and the equipment must be operated.

  Eight hours away, I do n’t pay for the work-related benefits, and I care about the decompression of the human resources manager Tong Hua IT engineers of Shanghai Futures Information Technology Co., Ltd. The work is really hard.

The company must give them sufficient recognition and care.

First of all, the company should provide additional benefits and use institutional tilt to correct the losses suffered by employees for overtime.

For example, on the day of overtime, the company provides free dinner, snacks, and taxi fare reimbursement at home.

It can also help employees provide some health care benefits, such as running a fitness card at a fitness club, regularly organizing some sports activities, playing sports, and swimming.

Conditional companies can also take the time to organize some excursions in batches to ease the pressure on employees.

Not enough rest is a direct consequence of overtime.

Appropriately increasing the leave of engineers, providing them with recuperation, can also help them regulate themselves.

  For IT engineers, all work is based on projects. Overtime is common and does not count overtime, so companies should increase their basic salary and count part of their salary as overtime.

But the role of money is never enough.

The company’s leaders should also give these IT engineers sufficient encouragement and support in the spirit, so that they also feel that the overtime is worth the extra hours, they will not be too worried, and the pressure will not be too great.

  The concern of leaders is reflected in all aspects.

Most people who engage in IT are relatively simple in thinking. Sometimes you just pat him on the shoulder and praise him, and he will be very touched, and feel that the company will feel good when he sees his hard work.

The company’s senior management should standardize more attention to employees, communicate more with them, and praise their hard work.

Spiritual motivation of knowledge workers will be of great help.

If the company ignores their hard work, the pressure and fatigue of overtime will double, and vice versa.

  In addition, leaders can also take some measures to solve the problem.

For example, some technical support engineers are responsible for fixed areas, and those places will always be on business trips; rotations that do not hinder area swap after drifting, let them travel to different places, and contact new customers, which is a bit freshIt can also reduce the fatigue of overtime.

  Establishing an effective support system Xu Min, an industrial psychologist at an international manufacturing company in Singapore, has to balance the work and life of employees. The company can mainly plan and allocate staff to ensure that everyone’s workload is reasonable.

At the same time, companies should strive to build healthy organizations.

This can help employees reasonably arrange their work and life from the external environment.

If the entire organization is inefficient and everyone works overtime, high-efficiency employees will also have to be forced to work overtime to show their dedication. At this time, the pressure and resistance caused by overtime will be very large.

  However, some positions require employees to work overtime, such as IT engineers.

The company provides EAP, fitness cards, etc. It can also help employees adjust, and can not fundamentally change the fact of overtime.

From a psychological perspective, employees need to self-adjust their mentality and face the pressure and distortion caused by overtime.

  First, employees should be aware of the intensity of their military work.

Take the example of an IT engineer.

For after-sales service, you must solve the problem without affecting the normal operation of the customer, then you must work overtime.

Before this job, the engineer must have some knowledge.

Overtime is an inevitable consequence of your choice, not imposed on you by others.

People can choose their own lives, and you don’t have to do the job.

If you can lower your job expectations and pay, then you can find a job that is easier, if you want to.

When the intensity of the job exceeds your expectations and psychological endurance, it does not prevent you from changing jobs.After all, work is only part of life, and it is impossible to enjoy life because work reduces the quality of life.

  Integration to create an effective interpersonal support system.

People are greatly affected by the environment.

The people around you can effectively support you and help you, then your stress will naturally be reduced a lot.

Therefore, employees must learn to deal with the relationship between colleagues.

When you build an effective interpersonal support system, a lot of overtime work will be reduced or speeded up by the help of colleagues.

And a person slumped overtime working alone and helplessly, can there be no pressure?

Psychological preparation for hard work Rosanna Whong, Human Resources Director of Ernst & Young Dahua Certified Public Accountants, is busy at the “Big Four” and has overtime work. This is an industry need and is inevitable.

Therefore, we will remind candidates when recruiting whether they are ready to face pressure.

At the same time, as employers, we can also take steps to reduce the pressure on employees.

  In addition to maximizing the number of employees in terms of benefits, we are currently hiring a specialist in charge of employee relations to regularly plan and carry out some music and sports activities for employees.

  We also organized a survey to ask employees to comment on various aspects of the company’s lack of performance to improve the working environment.

For example, the opinions of employees in the audit department focused on the display of desktop computers are not good for protecting eyesight. The company modified the LCD monitors for employees to give them a more comfortable working environment.

  New employees are relatively unable to carry the pressure. In the “Big Four”, in addition to urging supervisors to pay more attention to new employees, we should communicate more with them. At the same time, we will implement a MentorMentee project, which is to make some experiencedEmployees pair with new employees to help them through this adjustment period.

The difference from the “mentor system” is that this project is more from a life perspective, so that new employees can realize that the company cares about them and can reintegrate into our corporate culture.

  Three Measures to Solve the “Overload” Hong Xiangyang, Shanghai Xiangyang Career Management Consulting Company As far as I know, most companies do not advocate super long-term work, and their focus is still on how to make employees work efficiently.

The company will make advance time when allocating tasks. The ability is estimated. If the employees can’t be completed abnormally for a long time, we will help them to do analysis first to see what went wrong and did they encounter difficulties?

Or is there a problem with the way it works?

Or is it a bad state of mind?

Then, I will provide targeted help; secondly, help the employees to put the theory of time management into work, so I will develop the habit of the employees to order each day’s work; the third is in our company, you are in the officeAfter working for several hours in a row, you can greet your boss and go out for a lap, soothing music in each office; in the end, we often suggest that employees must do the right amount of physical exercise.

  The most noteworthy thing is that some people completely put themselves into overloaded work, and never even stopped to think: Is this job really suitable for me?

This is what we often call the “match of people”.

  Pay more attention to work efficiency. If our company works overtime, Cao Jing must be approved by the supervisor. We don’t approve of employees always working overtime, because unnecessary overtime is a waste of resources.

The human resources department of the company will make an attendance report every week. In addition to the routine work and end-of-work conditions, it also includes an overtime report for each department. Then, for those departments or individuals who work more overtime, we will analyze itSee if the staffing is insufficient, or if the employee’s work habits are problematic.

  In fact, overtime classes in some departments have been formed for a long time. In fact, it is not necessary, but everyone has the habit of staying away from work.

At this time, if a new manager comes and says “go” after work, it is possible to change this way.

Therefore, in many cases, whether or not overtime depends on personal habits and work efficiency.

  I suggest that for some very important work, you can start to prepare as early as possible to make the preliminary work longer, so that when you really need to solve it, you will be more comfortable and save time.