Test: who are you most valuable now

Test: who are you most valuable now

Everyone has more or less experience of dropping things.

Suppose that one day, you ride a locomotive through a place and find that something has fallen, but you can’t go back to pick it up; then you will check your equipment. Which one is the one you want to drop?

  A. Mobile phone B. Memorable things from male (female) friends. C. Leather bag (with money and documents). D. The beloved item that you just bought. A. Mobile phone. At this stage, the most meaningful thing is friendship.

With many friends, you always use your mobile phone to cultivate friendship and feelings with each other, so to you, without a mobile phone, you feel like you don’t exist.

You believe in your friends, so you can’t bear Zhou’s betrayal.

Do you often find this contradictory?

That means that you actually want to find another partner who can rely on your heart.

  The memorabilia sent by B boyfriend (girlfriend) is taken for granted. What you realize most now is love.

You and him are in a honeymoon, so you always cherish everything about him.

To you, owning him is like owning the whole world, and you will feel nothing to care about.

So don’t forget about other things you should do because of love.

Otherwise, once the honeymoon period is over, you will start to blame you again.

  C leather bag (with money and documents) you are now most recognized as yourself.

Maybe you are learning how to make your own life.

Rent the house yourself, clean it yourself, cook it yourself.
Live your own life.

For you, you don’t want this small space to be disturbed by the outside world, so it also makes you a bit lonely.

I have to get together with friends if I have a chance, otherwise I will find someone to help.

  The beloved item you just bought is your most recognized relationship at this stage.

It may be that the home feels warmer, or the tutoring is strict, so you have almost no leisure activities and you will stay at home when you are free.

Although you do n’t have many friends at this stage, they are also two good friends who often go to play at home. It is recommended that you have the opportunity to invite them out for shopping or drinking coffee. This kind of friendship is usually hard to come by.Just keep it up.