There are 4 ways to effectively improve dry skin in air-conditioned rooms

There are 4 ways to effectively improve dry skin in air-conditioned rooms

Many white-collar women sit and work in the office every day, and the skin’s moisture is also sucked and dried by the cool air-conditioning wind. The dry and air-conditioned environment will cause the skin cuticle to be seriously deficient, and the skin circulation will be disordered, leading to many skin problems.

  Six major injuries of air-conditioning environment 1.

The air-conditioned environment quickly dries out the moisture on the skin surface and deep layers, causing serious collagen loss.


Printers, copiers, scanners, computers, etc. bring radiation and static electricity to quickly drain the skin’s moisture.


Don’t think that the sun at 8 or 9 in the morning is just a small problem. It will also absorb moisture and leave UV rays.


Urban environmental pollution makes the skin dry, and the enclosed indoor air pollution ratio is 10 times stronger.


Cosmetics put a burden on the skin, and the alcohol content in perfumes also removes moisture from the skin.


The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor makes the skin more dry, sensitive and fragile when going to work, commuting, lunch time.

  Tip # 1: Fresh fruits, give the moisturizing relay to afternoon tea, you can choose some fresh fruits instead of high-purity dessert milk tea.

For example, apples, oranges, bananas, etc. are rich in moisture, which can produce a sense of satiety with low conversion and provide moisture to skin cells.

Beauty fruit cherry is also an excellent skin care choice for OL. 80% of the cherry’s bright red fruit is juice. The vitamin C contained in it is far more than that of lemon, which can inhibit the formation of pigmentation and melanin and promote the formation of collagen.Replenishes moisture from deep inside the skin.

  Tip # 2: Replace tea with coffee, avoid water loss. The one thing not to be missed in the office is drinks, and at the same time drinking water, it is better to make a pot of flower tea with beauty and moisturizing effect.

Take 2 grams of rose flower plus cornflower or golden chrysanthemum, the amount of honey, boil 400cc water, soak all the flowers into the water to taste.

This scented tea has nourishing liver function, regulates blood circulation, and promotes skin collagen production.

  Note: Coffee is the enemy of hydrating skin.

Its diuretic effect, let you drink a cup, it will discharge about 3 cups of water, causing a lot of water loss.

  Tip # 3: After getting up, drinking a small collagen S every time I see young and tender new models on the show, I can’t help but praise the other person who looks full of collagen.

The reason is that the female stars who are well-versed in beauty, have long known that collagen is the first priority for moisturizing the skin!

Drink 1 stick of collagen every morning and start to be absorbed from the mouth to the stomach, the whole body’s skin tissue, resist UV rays from the inside out, quickly enter the muscles to penetrate the cells to collapse, give each cell a full water, and prevent resistance all dayAir conditioning hurts, the skin continues to be plumped and moisturized, clear and translucent.

  Tip 4: Golden sleep, comprehensive repair of skin care One day, the night is the perfect time to repair the skin.

After taking a hot bath, while the pores are fully open, apply a mask to the skin to allow the essence to penetrate from the outside of the skin.

Finally, don’t forget to drink 1 cup of milk before going to bed, which will help the skin cells to recover during sleep. It can repair the internal damage caused by ultraviolet rays, air conditioning, pollution, etc.The overall effect of pores is the top priority of OL’s reconstruction of hydrating beauty.

As soon as I wake up, my skin is moist, smooth, clear and white, and my elbows and alignment also become smooth and tender!