Drinking alcohol for the elderly is good for health

Drinking alcohol for the elderly is good for health

Yellow wine: Yellow wine is the oldest kind of drink wine. Because its color is yellow, it is called yellow wine.

It mainly contains sugar, dextrin, higher alcohol, glycerin, organic acid, vitamins, etc. It is a nutritious beverage.

In addition to exclusion, it can be made into medicinal liquor, and it can also be used as a “drug lead” for some Chinese medicines.

  Beer: Beer is made from malt and hops. It is an ideal nutritional drink containing vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin H and niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid (folic acid food) and soluble protein.

The amino acids contained therein are large enough, and there are many varieties. In fact, the eight amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize are called “liquid proteins”, and because they contain a variety of vitamins, they are also called “liquid vitamins”.

Beer has a high calorie production and is known as liquid bread.

The right amount of toxic beer is suitable for patients with hypertension, hypertension, glaucoma and tuberculosis.

However, it should not be excessive, and it should not be used regularly. Otherwise, it will easily cause the accumulation of feces in the body and increase the burden on the heart.

  Wine and other fruit wines: alcohol content is 12-24 °, the main ingredients are water, alcohol, alcohols, acids and acid salts, sugar, metabolic acids, proteins, pectin and so on.

Having wine is good for the weak, insomnia and mental fatigue and the elderly.

Hawthorn wine has appetite and pain relief, digestion and accumulation, cure phlegm and diarrhea, relieve pain, regulate menstruation, relieve blood circulation, soften blood vessels, lower blood pressure and lower blood pressure, and the elderly can also absorb.