Will you become an old fritter in the workplace

Will you become an old fritter in the workplace

Translation: If you accidentally open the wrong door, which door scares you most?

  A, open to Hell’s Gate B to terrorists, open door C to the tiger cage in the zoo, open door D to the psychiatric hospital patient, open to the door of the cruel eater, and choose the friend of A: it becomes 20%In fact, this type of person does not like the old churros, or the feeling of being a river, you will feel that when you are a fresh person or a novice, you do n’t like the feeling of the old bird, so even if you are in the workplaceI always have this fresh or novice mentality, and I feel very happy every day, so friends who choose this answer, always keep a deep heart in your heart, and think that in life, work is only part of it.

  Friends who choose B: become 50% of the old churros index. In fact, this type of person will actually be divided into two. For example, at work, you are professional, mature, persistent, and serious, but in private.Underneath, or with his colleagues, when he gets along, he becomes a child, very clueless, very joking, and then maintain that kind of mentality of the child’s rookie, is full of curiosity about many things, so choose this answerFriends, with only half the chance, will become an old churros. Working at the age gives you the impression that you are over-aged and your life is an idiot.

  Friends who choose C: become 90% of the old churros index. In fact, this type of people has a very big characteristic, that is, loves broken thoughts, loves to buy old things, and likes to give a lot of experience to these young people.Or rookie, these children who often make mistakes or say something wrong, he would like to share his experience with everyone. In fact, your heart is very, very kind, so do n’t misunderstand their kindness, you are very mature,Very sensitive, so friends who choose this answer, if we encounter these old churros in the workplace, in fact, we young people will take a lot of wrongdoing.

  The friend who chooses D: becomes the old churros index 0%. In fact, this type of person lives completely in his own world. No matter whether he is 65 or 85 years old, his inner world is always like a fresh person, even likeLike a student, for many people, or for some life, some work experience, you will feel that it is not important, as long as you have a happy day, it is important, he feels that work is nothing more than to enable himself,It ‘s just a job to make a lot of money. In fact, any other person ‘s intrigue is not relevant to him, so the friend who chooses this answer is like a child in his heart.