Did you know that there are minefields for acne removal_1

Did you know that there are minefields for removing acne

do you know?

In fact, acne is also a part of acne. Previously, it was thought that acne is a normal phenomenon. Everyone has it. It turns out that acne and acne are the same root. It also requires treatment and daily maintenance. It is not difficult to treat acne. It is the key to get out of the wrong area!

  Solving stubborn acne has always been a nuisance, but more often it is the treatment misunderstanding that hurts you.

  Myth 1 Acne is not a part of acne. Of course, research has shown that acne is the same origin as acne, and acne can easily cause acne. If you just want to cure acne,It does not eradicate acne, it is simply a matter of fate.

  Editor’s reminder: A two-pronged approach is required to achieve the effect of treating acne and acne.

  Myth 2 Acne is a normal phenomenon. Acne has a very high incidence, but it is by no means a normal phenomenon.

Although 88% of people have ever been affected by acne, if you do not think that acne will happen, you may have acne all over the night and ruin your perfect date.

  Editor’s reminder: This can all be attributed to your usual indulgence in acne.

  Misunderstanding 3 Acne is caused by grease, and the fat dissolves just fine.

  Acne is not simply caused by oil, but by “grease and cutin.”

  Editor’s reminder: So if you use grease as a reason for facial problems, you will inevitably have wrong inferences.

  Misunderstanding 4: Acne is caused by the face not being cleaned. The blackness of blackheads is proof.

  There are many factors for the formation of acne. The most common reason is because of physical fitness, which has nothing to do with not washing your face.

  Editor’s reminder: The blackness of blackheads is caused by oxidation caused by contact with the air. It is definitely not dirty. Please do not put acne on your back for the marketing of facial cleanser.

  Misunderstanding 5 Cleansing oil can remove acne, washing your face frequently can solve it.

  As mentioned earlier, there are many factors for the formation of acne. In addition to skin surface problems, some are formed by endocrine. Simply using unloading oil or facial cleanser cannot fundamentally solve the problem.

  Editor reminder: Of course, it is important to clean the skin, but the most important thing is to maintain the balance of the skin.

  Myth 6 Frequent application of a mask or exfoliation can solve the problem of acne.

  The oil and keratin in the hair follicles are often tangled together at root. Even if the oil can be dissolved or the surface keratin is removed, the oil secreted from the sebaceous glands will soon be inseparable from the deep keratin inside the hair follicles, thus making acne againform!

  Editor’s reminder: Please don’t think that simply using a method can solve stubborn acne.

  Myth 7 Squeeze out, pull out, or suck out to solve acne.

  Many people like to go to beauty salons or use acne sticks to squeeze slender acne at home, but these methods can only make you feel good for a few days, because these are temporary, not long, you willI saw the resurrection of acne in the original place.

  Editor’s reminder: What’s even more frightening is that if you don’t master the method, it is likely to leave permanent scars on the shell.

  Misunderstanding 8 Fate it!

Acne can’t be solved at all. Modern dermatology has developed higher concentrations of fruit acids, vitamin A-derived external agents and other drugs to eradicate acne. These drugs can not only prevent dead cells in the mouth of the hair follicles from causing multiple hair follicles due to abnormal keratinization.It can also act on the connective tissue around the hair follicles to restore its elasticity, so that the enlarged pores can be restored to the original diameter to facilitate the discharge of sebum, prevent the formation of new acne, and completely remove it.

  Editor’s reminder: It only takes six weeks to see the effect and requires a doctor’s prescription, so many people either do not understand (if not go to the doctor), or give up before seeing the effect, thinking that there is no way to solve this annoying acne problem.

  Myth 9: Acne cures hurt the skin, otherwise there are steroids.

  This is the most common method used by some beauty salons to retain guests.

In fact, there are few alternatives to acne medicine, except that it may be a little irritating or peeling, as long as you follow your doctor’s instructions, and steroids are even more deceptive.

  Editor’s reminder: In fact, if the drug is a distance, it can be confirmed by verification.

  Recommended care methods to prevent acne: 1, T-shaped part is the place most prone to acne.

So use your fingertips to massage in a circular motion, so that the excess oil and dirt slowly melt out.

  2. Washing your face is a very important step.

If the face is not clean, it can easily cause acne.

  3. During maintenance, it is best to add a single product that regulates or resists sebum production (some brands have products specifically targeted for the T zone), so that the T-shaped part is water and oil balanced, so that acne is not easy to produce.