Woman nourishing blood with gelatin

Woman nourishing blood with gelatin

Women are based on nourishing blood. Women must nourish blood throughout their lives.

Professor Xiao said that when women are little girls, they often suffer from excessive blood loss due to menstrual disorders, functional uterine bleeding, etc., the decrease of hemoglobin and red blood cell count, dizziness and upset, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, insomnia, dreams, and pale lips.
When a woman conceives in October, not only does she need extra blood to nourish her, but the fetus also needs her mother’s blood to support her. Therefore, pregnant women generally suffer from anemia, anorexia, dizziness, and paleness.

However, a woman loses too much blood or induces labor during childbirth, which causes excessive bleeding during miscarriage, and is more likely to cause multiple consequences due to anemia.

Severe anemia will cause premature wrinkles, gray hair, and tooth loss.

In the postpartum lactation period, mothers need blood to metabolize milk.

Women reach menopause, because of liver and kidney deficiency, heart and kidney discomfort, hot flashes, sweating, chest tightness, dizziness, and back pain and other problems.

  Blood is especially precious to a woman’s life.

Women have an inextricable bond with the blood because of the physiological characteristics that cause blood loss.

The different physiological processes that accompany a woman’s life, pregnancy, birth, and milk are all closely related to blood.

Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine has long had “blood-based, blood-use,” and “women-based nourishment.”

  We know that Ejiao has the functions of nourishing yin, moistening dryness, nourishing blood and stopping bleeding.

Modern science has proven that Ejiao can promote the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin, and has significant anti-anemia and hemostatic effects.

Ejiao is the best choice for women to nourish yin and nourish blood. Women can take Ejiao appropriately at different ages according to the situation, and then they can smoothly pass through different physiological stages due to nourishing with blood.There are certain reasons to benefit.

  Ejiao is a holy medicine of gynecology and obstetrics in clinical gynecological diseases. It is often caused by yin and blood deficiency. Ejiao is the best product for nourishing yin, nourishing blood and stopping bleeding. Therefore, Ejiao is used in the treatment of many gynecological diseases.

  Menstruation is a “pain” that a woman has to face in her life. On those special days, no matter whether a little girl or a mother-in-law woman has to endure all kinds of discomfort caused by blood loss.

Professor Xiao pointed out that if the normal amount of E-Jiao is used, it can not only nourish blood and nourish blood, improve the complexion, but also relieve the “pain” of menstruation.

  Professor Xiao specifically mentioned menstrual disorders. She said that this is the most common gynecological disease, which refers to the disease characterized by the menstrual cycle, menstrual period, menstrual flow, menstrual color, menstrual abnormalities or symptoms accompanying the menstrual cycle.

It is common that there are early menstruation, late menstruation, irregular menstruation, more menstruation, less menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, and leakage.

Its clinical treatment focuses on regulating menstruation and nourishing blood.

  Ejiaoweiganping, sexually mild, commonly used clinically to treat menstruation and prolonged menstruation.

For those with yin deficiency and blood deficiency, Professor Xiao suggests that you can take gelatin in moderation.

  Ejiao also has a therapeutic effect on threatened abortion. Due to the increasing number of elderly pregnant women, the number of abortions and the number of patients facing pregnancy protection has increased sharply.

Professor Xiao, who has been engaged in clinical gynecology for more than 40 years, is very worried, but she also said that Chinese medicine has obvious advantages in this regard, and the application of traditional Chinese medicine to treat threatened abortion is very effective.

  For threatened abortion and habitual abortion, Ejiao, Eucommia ulmoides, Paeonia lactiflora, Stir-fried Artemisia sylvestris, cooked land, Mulberry parasitism, Cuscuta chinensis, etc. can be used clinically and treated according to the condition.

However, the patient must be absolutely bed-ridden while taking the medication.

  Infertility has become a lot for women of childbearing age.

Professor Xiao said that the integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine in treating infertility is very important.

First of all, through Western medical examination, determine whether the man’s semen is normal, the woman’s ovulation function, and whether other reproductive organs are normal.

Find out the root cause of infertility, and then, according to different situations, Chinese medicine performs dialectical treatment.

  In the Republic of China, Zhang Xichun’s “Traditional Chinese Medicine” and “Shengtai Pills” are a good recipe for gynecologists.

Among them, Ejiao is used, and it is accompanied by mulberry parasitic, chuanchuan, and Cuscuta.

  Menopause is also a special period that all women must go through. Menstrual errors are accompanied by paroxysmal hot sweats, dizziness, insomnia, upset, and anxiety. These are some of the symptoms that women often experience at this stage. When some signals appear, theyShould be properly nursed, this also reflects the spirit of treatment of disease.

  The ancients were clouded, and those with insufficient yin supplemented the flavor, and Ejiao was sweet to supplement the yin and blood.

Professor Xiao believes that gelatin nourishing yin and nourishing blood and nourishing liver and kidney can be a good choice for women in this period.

Ejiao has the function of promoting calcium absorption, and can effectively improve the osteoporosis problem that menopausal women face.

  White-collar workers need gelatin to supplement blood. Modern women are facing increasing social competition, constantly accelerating life, work rhythms, increasingly complex interpersonal relationships, and the burden of nurturing future generations. Women are under the dual pressure of career and family at the same time, and they are bound to give themPhysically and mentally.

Especially those white-collar beauties who have higher requirements on mental and mental conditions, they are in a highly stressed working state all day long, and their mental and mental fatigue are exacerbated, which will inevitably hurt their energy and gas consumption, resulting in blood deficiency.Depression, stagnation of the heart and kidneys, resulting in fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, insomnia, forgetfulness, decreased sexual desire, emotional depression, constipation and other discomforts.  The old Chinese medicine health network recommends that they first change their unhealthy lifestyles. At the same time, in order to avoid irritability, irritability and other premenstrual syndromes, they can take gelatin before and after menstruation to nourish the blood and soften the liver.Agent.

Because gelatin is flat, it can be taken in appropriate amounts throughout the year, especially in winter.