Men advise women to divorce and say so

Men advise women to divorce and say so

A woman, a civilian, was a sports school athlete when she was a teenager. She was seven feet tall and cherished her will.

Former host of the famous city TV station.

But he married the only self-financed college student in a small town in his hometown in the south of the Yangtze River, who was handsome and sings well.

The attraction in his youth was naturally two decades of divergence and conflict.

  A woman and an elegant man became the obsessed lover as the first deputy director and writer in the important hall.

After ten years of silence, the army began to have aesthetic taste in the clothing industry. It wanted to convey its aesthetic taste to consumers through clothing.

  After two years of hard work, the day and night are not bad, the dining style is out, and thousands of miles are running.

First class all the houses and properties.

  Once again into the state of despair.

“Just thinking about suicide, and killing people.”

At every turn, the three-character sutras, such as the rushing river.

Finally I tortured myself to glory.

I want to consult a psychiatrist and want to borrow drugs to calm myself.

  A man began to persuade.

  Said: All emotions stem from emotional imbalances caused by inner conflict.

  Inner conflicts and needs are directly related.

There are three main aspects to you: love, career, and love.

  1. Love is between her husband.

  Regardless of your desire for future achievement, your own positioning, value, aesthetic level, way of thinking, cultivation, and the way you express your language, you all have huge differences.

It’s not that he is bad, but that you are not the same kind of person.

In this way, otherwise he can adapt to you, but cannot; otherwise, you can change yourself and give up yourself to adapt to him, but it is more uncomfortable than killing you.

The other is to find the balance point of each other, but this balance point has not been found in the past two decades. It is probably too difficult to find.

So the last way is to give up.

In fact, you already have free radicals and answers in your heart, but you have no decision.

It’s difficult to give up on yourself and adapt to others; it’s tiring to let the other side give up on yourself, and it takes too much time to find a balance, so it may not be a good decision, but it only takes courage.

Giving up is sometimes even more wise.

  2. Career is the support of all your arrogance and self-confidence, and also the way you can achieve your vision for the future.

Some time ago I talked about how hard it is to do good things.

Find a collaborator, handle the thrown money, do nothing else, and everything requires you to think about your decision.

And your husband is your most loyal assistant. Unfortunately, nothing can be decided and shared, and even the things you command can’t be done independently.

This can’t be blamed on him. He is a person who is used to working in the workshop. He doesn’t know how to cooperate and cooperate.

So you keep reminding, teaching and blaming him, and as a result, he still dies.

You are not doing a career, you are educating others.

When half of the income is to educate others, and the other increase is because the education is ineffective, it is too difficult to do a good job.

I believe no one can do it well.

And when I see this breakthrough in general, if I can temporarily lay down and rectify my mood and body first, it is courage and wisdom that deserves my respect; if I persist, I will be in awe.

So simply put down the two words, the difficult thing is to stick to the two words.

Whether you persist or let go, it does not affect your radiance.   3, dear friends, the only way to avoid hurting your friends is to change circles.

Choosing a friend who thinks about others and respects you can eliminate all unhappiness.

Otherwise, they would rather endure enjoying loneliness.

Choosing a friend ca n’t avoid eating food-do n’t treat your friends too enthusiastically because of your loneliness and lack of friends, in order to hope for a harmonious and permanent friendship.

Because there are few people in the world who can truly appreciate grace, they can admit that they are not as good as you appreciate your output.

Many appreciations are carried with self-interest. If the self-interest appreciation is removed and the pure aesthetic realm is reached, I am afraid that the gentleman’s friendship will be as light as water.

  4. Finish, bless you as soon as possible from the breakthrough and get real happiness.

  The woman said: What you said is perfect.

Whether I advance or retreat, it is all right.

But I still want to commit suicide!

  The man replied: OK.

When you really want to commit suicide, be sure to let me know, I’ll listen to your last words.

But you will be sad if you commit suicide. After all, you are the only female friend I know in this city of 8 million people.