Which toys can improve children’s intelligence?

Which toys can improve children’s intelligence?

Good toys can develop children’s intelligence, and can cause children to associate with, imagine, and develop their imagination.

Such as telescopes can cause children to associate infinitely with sailing, mountain climbing, and reconnaissance.

Chess and plastic toys can improve children’s ability to analyze, judge, and think sensitively, and to develop children’s creativity and expression.

  Baby toys for over 0 months: When the baby is attracted by the colors and small animals on the shoe, he uses his muscles at the same time and develops coordinated movements of the feet and eyes.

  Baby play mats: Babies must love playing in this colorful and soft play mat.

With thick surrounding edges, it gives the baby a fun and safe activity space.

  Advantages: 1. When the baby is tired, he can sleep directly on the mat.

  2. Toy accessories with different positions can help your baby develop physical movements and develop sensory intelligence.

  3, multiple parts of the mat are equipped with rattles, ringing paper and other sound devices, which can stimulate the baby’s hearing development.

  Teether: Teether is made of food-grade plastic to meet the physiological needs of children during the period of teething.

  Disadvantages: 1. It can massage the gums and soothe the discomfort caused by teething. 2. Soothe the irritability of the baby during the teething period. 3. Help the baby to distinguish different colors and shapes.

  Animals in your arms: Give it a name and take care of it like a real animal.

  Advantages: 1. Colored patterns can train the baby’s ability to distinguish colors 2. Effectively develop children’s observation and imagination.

  3. Develop your baby’s ability to learn to relate to surrounding objects.

  4, become the baby’s most personal toy, can give the baby a sense of security.

  Baby toy rattle series for more than 3 months: bright colors and bell sounds can attract the baby’s attention: 1, let the baby contact different materials, produce different haptics, and develop sensory intelligence.

  2, colorful, can stimulate the baby’s auditory nerve development.

  3. The sound of rattle can stimulate baby’s auditory nerve development.

  4. The baby can exercise his fingers’ grasping ability and complications when waving the toy, and enhance the baby’s arm strength.

  Baby toy strip bugs over 6 months: This smiling bug will turn into a baby’s good friend.

  Contrast: 1. Concealed galling, contrasting bright colors, tying the bug’s feet next to the crib, making it easy for the baby to concentrate.

  2. The worm’s mouth can be used as a hand puppet, and parents can play role-playing games with the baby.

  Building blocks: When you see the building blocks, your baby will gradually build up self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

  Strength: 1. The sound of shaking can stimulate the baby’s auditory nerve.

  2. Exercise the baby’s finger grasping ability and enhance the strength of the wrist.

  3. Teach your baby about the color and shape of the item.

  Small picture books: According to foreign experience, the sooner you read to your baby, the easier it is to grow up to become accustomed to reading when you grow up. The colorful toy cloth books bring the concept of Western early education to your baby.

  Disadvantages: 1. Soft fabric, not afraid of tearing or embarrassing.

  2. Exercise the baby’s finger grasping ability and enhance the strength of the wrist.
  3. Teach your baby about the color and shape of the item.
  4, colorful patterns help develop your baby’s imagination.

  Defects of music ringing bells: 1. Colored slings can train your baby’s ability to distinguish colors.

  2, rotation function can train the baby’s eyeball rotation ability.

  3, soft music can not only stabilize the baby’s emotions but also train listening.

  Coefficients of ring toys for babies over 12 months: 1, unique colors and shapes will stimulate the baby’s curiosity.

  2, through the size of the circle can educate the baby from big to small, the normal law from top to bottom, exercise your baby’s sorting ability.

  3. Inspire the baby’s cognitive ability to the size ratio of objects in the process of layering.

  4, training the baby’s precise, purposeful and hand-eye coordination ability.  Disadvantages of dressing toy boxes: 1. Help the baby to become familiar with colors and develop fine movements of hands.

  2, Koala, can be lifted, can be off, fun, endless fun, imitate the baby’s self-confidence and self-care ability.

  3, can train the accuracy of movements, purpose and hand-eye coordination.

  4. Cultivate your baby’s quality of patient attention.

  The baby toy bee trojan for 18 months is suitable for: 1. It helps to strengthen the baby’s waist strength.

  2. Develop your baby’s great athletic ability.

  3. Exercise your baby’s body balance.

  4. It helps to improve the courage and self-confidence of your baby.