Korean mosquito repellent ring and Chinese medicine mosquito repellent bag

Korean mosquito repellent ring and Chinese medicine mosquito repellent bag

Yesterday afternoon, the office suddenly gave off a very strong smell, a bit like a lemon-flavored air freshener.

  A senior mother’s colleague raised her right foot in a showy manner and stepped on a bright yellow ankle.

“Hi-tech, new products, Korean green aroma mosquito repellent ring, I just bought it from Taobao.

The colleague said happily that the mosquito repellent ring was mainly intended for the baby. She experimented first.

  This summer, the mosquito repellent ring on Taobao is selling very hot.

The price is cheap, a few dollars.

  My colleague’s mosquito repellent ring was bought at a five-crown Taobao shop.

The store solemnly promises to be authentic in Korea, and accepts 400 phone inquiries for authenticity.

  According to the introduction, the mosquito repellent ring contains 30% of lemongrass essential oil, 70% of microfiber textile cloth, and some lavender extracts.

  I searched on Baidu. Lemongrass is one of the common herbs.

Because of its lemon aroma, it is also called lemongrass.

It does have deodorant and insect repellent effects.

  Then consult Qian Songyang, the director of the pharmacy of Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. He said that the fragrance of lemongrass does not like mosquitoes, so it has a mosquito repellent effect and has no substitute for the human body.

But it ‘s hard to say if the mosquito repellent ring is made of lemongrass.

  Director Qian said that there is an old Chinese medicine practitioner in the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A few years ago, a kind of anti-mosquito repellent bag was developed. The size of the small pillow was filled with various aromatic Chinese medicines.Mosquitoes are quite effective.

In addition, the traditional Chinese medicine has certain effects on strengthening the body and preventing colds.

  Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, anti-mosquito repellent bag for six or seven dollars, you can go to the hospital to pediatric number, and then let the doctor prescribe for you.