Although this ad was played by Chrysler,But universal、Ford andAMCThere is no reason not to help Chrysler,After all, Chrysler spent a lot of time here100It’s clearly stated in the column produced only with a sponsorship fee of ten thousand dollars,Only American automobile manufacturers can produce such excellent、Full-fledged products。
Following Chrysler,General Motors、Ford andAMCThe car also launched a video of its own product stepping on the car door at lightning speed,GM even straightforwardly modified this idea and put it in an advertisement.:Their Buick,Three people stood on each door。
While desperately advocating that our products are of good quality,The four car giants have not forgotten to trip the Japanese car,Toyotacorolla、HondacivicSuzukialtoThe video of the car door being stepped on is constantly appearing on major TV stations and evaluation columns,Although Toyota and Honda are not slow to respond,Immediately launched a video of four people standing on the door of their own car,But it can’t hold up the preconceived impression of the American people:Damn japanese,This is a deliberate strengthening of the connecting part of the car door after being punctured by the lie,Otherwise why the previous car door was stepped on,It’s okay now?
Originally before“Close the car door”After that, sales of Japanese cars continued to fall,After this“Step on the car door”after that,Sales fell even more,Facing a sharp decline in the North American market,Kawashima Preferences, President of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.、Eijikyu Toyoda, the president of Toyota Motor Corporation, made a mouthful of scorching bubbles,Meeting for several days to discuss how to respond,But I couldn’t find a suitable solution for a while。
And as the initiator of Chen Geng Chen,I was happily watching the latest report on the flight to China:Just last week,Chrysler“family”The number of delivery vehicles hit a new high,Reached daily delivery600Record high——This means that if we can maintain this sales,“family”Annual sales will exceed21Ten thousand!
PS:Second more,Since the closed car door has appeared,How can I miss the classic step on the car door?
First186chapter Shameless
On the plane,Carpenter brothers and sisters are obviously a little nervous,Karen sitting next to her brother·Carpenter,Keep holding brother’s hand。
Chen Geng smiled:“a little nervous?”
Karen·Carpenter hesitated,Still nodding honestly,At the same time, I explained why I was nervous:“During this time, my brother and I read some information about China……”
Without Karen·Carpenter says,Chen Geng also knew that he was in fear of the unknown,The Carpenter brothers and sisters will definitely find some information about China,But I believe that after reading these materials,The brothers and sisters must be more upset about this trip to China——Using the soles of your feet, you can also imagine how these US-issued materials about China describe China.。