What do you need for personal adventure

What do you need for personal adventure

Prepare complete equipment According to the information collected by the institute, determine the purpose. After the time, you can list the equipment that meets your needs.

  Sleeping bag: Select a sleeping bag with excellent performance according to requirements.

  Backpack: A durable and comfortable travel backpack with isolation interlayer and waterproof performance, it must have a sturdy and adjustable adjustable strap, fasten the backpack’s bracket firmly, and adjust the hip belt.

  Clothing: Must be comfortable and fit, with warmth, dryness and breathability.

A weatherproof jacket must be prepared.

  Food: The prepared food must pay attention to the combination of vitamins, minerals, traces, proteins and additives; footwear: field work, priority must be given to the comfort and protection of the feet.

Brand-new shoes and socks are not suitable for long-distance travel. It is best to wear them for two weeks before departure and should be spared.

  Camera, film, pencil, multifunctional notebook.

  Essentials for survival in the wild: matches, candles, fuel, flint (machine), magnifier, flashlight, needle thread, fishing hook and fishing line, compass, map, steel wire line, multi-purpose knife, tableware kettle, moisture-proof packaging bag.

  Essential medicines, life-saving supplies: The medicines must be kept in sealed packages.

Edible salt, analgesics, analgesics, antibiotics, multivitamins, antiallergic drugs, insect repellents, water purifiers, disinfectants, adhesive tapes, band-aids, medical cotton, bandages, hemostatic bandages, etc.

  Equipment necessary for special terrain operations.

  Necessary repair tools and spare parts.

  Emergency communication equipment if possible.