Yoga, protect the spine or damage it?

Yoga, protect the spine or damage it?

Is yoga a sport that protects the spine and also damages the spine?

Recently I saw a blog post: The joints of the human body have different ranges of motion due to their different structures.

Some joints can only move in one direction, such as elbow and knee joints; some joints have a larger range of motion, such as shoulder, hip, wrist, and joint.

The range of motion of the joints is limited. Once this limit is exceeded, the joints will be damaged.

One way of Chinese kung fu is called capture, one of the important aspects is anti-joint capture.

Once the joints are controlled in the opposite direction, they can easily break off with a little force.

This is the effect of external force, and self-restraint should not exert excessive force on the joint, especially in the opposite direction.

Due to the abnormally precise joint structure of human beings, even a little carelessness during self-exercise can cause damage.

  Many popular yoga poses are exerting force on the joints in the opposite direction.

Yoga claims to be able to move and exercise the spine very well. The actual situation is that a lot of yoga asanas and exercises will damage the spine and other joints of the human body.

The spine of many yoga practitioners has been damaged, which has resulted in aggravated spinal injuries and functions, and even severely caused spinal fractures, nerve injuries, and paraplegia.

  Due to structural reasons, the human spine is only suitable for bending forward, not for backward or radial bending.

There are a large number of asanas that bend the spine backwards. These asanas can cause excessive compression of the spine by the spine, damage the disc, and cause injury and aging of the disc.

  In yoga teaching, a certain kind of syntax standard commentary is: “The limit of the body is reached”, the better the amplitude of stretching, twisting and bending changes.

The yoga posture of bending the spine backwards is originally a method of exercise that violates the structure of the human body. Under the requirement of “reaching the limit of the body”, barely exerting force will definitely damage the spine.

  The difficult yoga poses that bend the spine backwards are self-evident.

Some simple yoga postures, wearing a cobra posture and a sunken back posture, etc., also cause great damage to the spine when the backward force is applied to the spine.

  There are acute and chronic injuries to the spine caused by yoga asanas.

Acute is about to enter the hospital, the kind of damage to the spine that has gradually accumulated is not easy to detect, and when the pain is obvious, the situation is already very serious.

It has been reported that a yoga practitioner is only thirty years old, but the spine has aged to 60 due to the practice of yoga.

This is not a special case. Among the yoga practitioners, spinal injuries are common, but some people have obvious symptoms and some have mild symptoms.

  Some practitioners who are new to yoga will feel comfortable after practicing asanas that bend the spine backwards.

This kind of comfort is because the damage to the spine is relatively slight when you first start practicing yoga, and these yoga postures that bend the spine backward can move to the stiff muscles that are usually inactive, so the practitioner will feel comfortable at the beginning.

When the practice time is long and the damage to the spine accumulates, then comfort becomes pain.

  Editor’s comment: In most people’s minds, yoga is a sport that is conducive to protecting the spine, and even some people or institutions promote the practice of yoga, which can treat lumbar disc displacement.

However, according to a foreign research report, yoga ranks second among all sports injuries, second only to sea fishing.

Therefore, a yoga instructor was specifically consulted.

  Coach, the coach’s surname is Yang, hereinafter referred to as coach Yang. She was a gymnast at a young age, with a slight lumbar disc displacement. I asked her if she was practicing yoga to treat the lumbar spine. The answers she caused me to reduce.It’s our conversation: Q: Did you choose to be a yoga instructor while teaching others to treat your own lumbar disc displacement?

  Coach Yang: No, this is a misunderstanding. Yoga asanas cannot implement the effect of treating lumbar disc displacement.

  Q: Can that alleviate the pain caused by lumbar disc displacement?

  Coach Yang: It should be said that it does not have much effect. On the contrary, because of the injury to my lumbar spine, I have to be very careful in practicing yoga. I cannot do some exercises that require lumbar spine to be forced.

In addition, I also want to tell my friends who are practicing yoga that you must pay attention to protecting your spine when practicing asanas. Spinal injuries are irreversible. Once the spine is injured, it is difficult to get medical treatment.

So friends who practice yoga must not force themselves to do actions they can’t do.

  It should be said that incorrectly practicing yoga poses can easily cause injury to the spine.

Therefore, it is recommended that netizens should not practice without the knowledge of professionals, especially some difficult movements.

In addition, it should be noted that in addition to yoga asanas, yoga breathing methods and yoga lifestyles are also included.

The correct and moderate exercise of this ancient sport has been scientifically proven to be of some help to our physical health.

  Does yoga protect or harm our spine?It’s hard to say, just like you asked me whether the knife is a weapon for cutting firewood or a tool for killing people.

In a word, who is the sword?