The new whitening standard is permeable to moisture and health_1

New whitening standard is hydrated and healthy

“One white cover one hundred ugliness” is a concept that Chinese people have known since ancient times. The cosmetics industry mainly promotes the whitening product ratio. In 2011, the whitening standard was further refined and enriched.

Today, this “white” has risen to a higher standard, and “healthy, transparent and hydrated” has become the keyword of whitening.

  Rule 1: Li Yan, a gentle whitening reader, asks which whitening products can produce effects in a short time and whiten quickly.

In this regard, Raye Wang, assistant education and training manager of LAMER Sea Blue, believes that the latest whitening rule is to use mild whitening products to bring oriental women a “dense skin”
whitening light feeling. They are usually easy and gentle, such as containing whiteningWhitening skin care products with clear, calming and soothing functions will make the skin glow and replace, with a delicate, shiny whitening effect.

He suggested that more consideration be given to plant-derived ingredients, whitening is not irritating and whiter.

  Rule # 2: Transparent reader Zhu Ying said, “My skin is whiter but not shiny. How can I make my skin translucent?

“HR Helena beauty expert Chen Liqing said:” White must be transparent, there is a bright texture from the inside.

“She believes that fair and healthy skin can truly represent the standard of whitening.

“That is the best proof of pure and flawless skin. Whitening should take into account both inside and outside. In addition to using professional whitening products, drinking fresh fruits and vegetables with natural vitamins can help restore skin fairness and prevent dark spots.

Vitamin families should also be supplemented in sufficient quantities, such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin B6.

“Rule three: Moisturizing and lightening whitening must be considered.

Jurlique trainer Li Lingling believes that the most basic part of the skin must be full of moisture to achieve whitening effects, and also to achieve a white state with a shiny, moist feeling.

It is recommended to use a water film once every two days to make the skin moist and full of elasticity.

To ensure adequate sleep, rest at the latest at 23:00; a glass of warm lemonade on an empty stomach in the early morning; daily use of sunscreen isolation products to create a hydrated environment for the skin, to achieve fair and healthy skin.

  What you know is not necessarily correct about whitening. Reader Li Na: A star once said that he never eats black things, such as black beans, coffee, soy sauce, and other heavy things, just like she said.Does the skin turn black?

  Wang Zihan, HR beauty consultant: This statement is incorrect. Dark food does not make the skin dark. Some people say that eating black food will cause pigmentation and dark spots, which are completely unfounded.

The color of the skin is at the periphery. The food you eat does not wait for it to be metabolized by the body. It will not be precipitated into color and retained.

If you reason gradually and eat a small amount of substitutes every day, you will not become a chameleon.

However, it is recommended to eat more fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C and vitamin E, which can activate cells, delay aging, and remove wrinkles.

Vitamin C can strengthen the body’s resistance, and can also spot and whiten.