Winter Stomach Warming Cold Recipe Sauerkraut White Meat

Winter Stomach Warming Cold Recipe Sauerkraut White Meat

If the weather is cold in winter, if you eat a steaming breadth, you can not only warm your stomach, but also dissipate the coldness in the body, and pickled cabbage is the best choice.

  Chinese medicine diet therapy believes that sauerkraut acid is the result of lactic acid decomposing sugar in cabbage to produce lactic acid.

Lactic acid is an organic acid that can increase appetite and digestion after being absorbed by the body.

At the same time, the cabbage becomes sour and its nutritional content is not easy to lose.

White meat narrowly refers to the meat of poultry, but broadly refers to fatty meat or pork cooked in plain water because it is white.

However, the white meat in sauerkraut is usually selected from pork belly. Because pork belly is fat and thin, sauerkraut is not greasy with white meat fat, rich in nutrients, easy to absorb, and has the function of replenishing skin moisture and beauty and health.

  Eat sauerkraut in moderation, do not eat large amounts for a long time, especially sauerkraut that has taste or mold must not eat; good sauerkraut vegetables are generally slightly white and transparent, with a little yellow leaves.

Do not eat unsalted sauerkraut, because the sauerkraut is high in nitrite, it is a carcinogen; it is best to eat fresh vegetables rich in vitamin C, such as green leafy vegetables, when eating sauerkraut, Carrots, potatoes, shallots, etc., because vitamin C can reduce the reaction with nitrite to prevent the formation of carcinogens.

  The pork belly in sauerkraut white meat contains trace impurities, and those who have hypertension and hyperlipidemia should eat less.