6-digit password cracking for big companies

6-digit password cracking for big companies

Password 1: Know yourself Don’t blindly adore big companies, but first understand yourself.

Never see a big company with a good reputation, high wages, and many opportunities. Just go in, no matter what you do, and ignore your own personality and strengths.

Facts have proved that the work that does not match the strengths of the army and the character is hard to show, and will only feel painful and exhausted.

May wish to first do a SWOT analysis of yourself, analyze strengths (weaknesses), disadvantages (weaknesses), opportunities (opportunities), and threats (threats) to find what you are best at.

These can be understood through specialized personality assessments.

Corporate hiring managers are also assessing your strengths in various ways, such as: gregarious, intelligent, stable, strong, excited, persistent, daring, sensitive, skeptical, fantasy, worldly, worry, practice, independence, self-disciplineNervousness, adaptation and worry, introversion and extroversion, emotional affairs and rational objectivity, prudence and decisiveness, mental health factors, personality factors of achievers, creativity, growth ability and so on.

  password2: Before you are familiar with the workplace, you must choose the right industry.

At the same time professional, you can enter different industries.

It is recommended to choose those rising industries that are developing.

For example, the automotive industry is currently talking about “building gray-collar workers” (between blue-collar and white-collar workers), and the talent market is expected to be 800,000.

This means that if you join the industry now, in a few years, individuals will be able to develop through the development of the entire industry. In the future, there will be more opportunities than choosing the sunset industry.

  Choosing a career is an inevitable choice for reason.

The 10 years from graduating from college to the age of 22 is the golden age of career development.

Working hard in the Chaoyang industry, you can hope to become a successful professional in 10 years.

  password3: Some targeted industries and positions are suitable, then the well-known Chinese companies and foreign companies with outstanding performance in the industry are preferred.

Because successful companies have their own reasons for success.

At the same time, the operation is standardized, the process is clear, the division of labor is clear, and the talent development system is sound.

These qualities are conducive to the rapid professionalization of newcomers.

Before submitting your resume, you must first understand the target company’s employment plan for the current year, and whether there are internships. These are all positions, and then targeted applications.

Doing this is better than blindly arguing about mergers. If the company does not need but still insists on submitting resumes, it may cause a bad impression.

  password4: Personalized resumes are the same, and resumes without personality are definitely not optimistic.

A resume that is too fancy and too focused on information that has nothing to do with the job application is also suspected of falling off the list.

If you apply for finance, you should add content related to the position in your resume, such as subject experience, steady and meticulous personality characteristics, and should not emphasize that you are a backbone of literature and art, a champion of sketches.

Resume submission method may also be single, you can use e-mail, courier, or commission a friend to submit it.

Don’t simply believe in mailing. If you like a job in particular, you must use multiple channels, multiple methods, and effectively get your resume straight to your goal.

  password5: Interviewing Tips You should try to understand the target company from multiple perspectives before the interview.

If necessary, you can explore the way in advance to see if the staff in and out are wearing or not, so as to prepare the dress style for the interview.

The interview pays attention to the details. The details make the other person feel that you care about the job.

  At large company interviews, you often do not see how you answer questions, but still set up a lot of scenes, so that when you are completely unprepared, you show a real temperament.

So be sure to cultivate good habits from the usual.

If the real you are positive, sunny, active, serious, enthusiastic, persistent, and not afraid of suffering, then your chance of success is very high!

After the interview, don’t just remember to ask whether you have been hired. Instead, post a thankuletter, which is polite.

People always like to be thanked and hate debt collection.

  password6: Long-term Kung Fu opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared.

Targeting large companies requires a long-term strategy.

  First-class language skills, including communication and writing.

Companies facing the world have high requirements for employees’ English proficiency. In addition to reading, they also need to speak and even write.

  In terms of basic personality: lively, outgoing, motivated, proactive, and enthusiastic, it is easy to make a good first impression, but you also need to grasp the degree.   How to overcome timidity in the face of a big company?

Confident practice.

If you are afraid of public variables, you can usually ask your classmates and friends to practice, correct small movements when speaking, pay attention to suffixes such as “um,” and control the speed and substitution.

Remember: do the right thing, the right way.