Mistakes in the use of masks Did you win? _1

Mask use misunderstanding

The mask is an essential skincare product for women, but even if it is a big love mask or a mask master, they may make some small mistakes. If it is not suspected, it may cause damage to your skin. Follow the editor todayGet up to find out which masks are misunderstood to exacerbate your skin sagging damage.

  1. The mask is applied daily, and the skin becomes more and more fragile. Looking at the whitening, moisturizing, freckle and other effects on the instructions of the mask, you are eager to achieve the daily application, when you think the skin is whiter and more moisturized than beforeIn fact, your skin is becoming increasingly fragile.

Most facial masks are applied too often and easily cause skin susceptibility, redness and swelling.

So how to control the frequency of applying the mask to achieve good results without increasing the burden on the skin?

  2 a week?
3 times, beautiful skin and health beauty experts pointed out that ordinary whitening, moisturizing mask about 2 weeks a week?
3 times is enough; mask for medicinal makeup 1 week?
It is best twice, so as to ensure the health of the skin and at the same time have the primary and maximum effect of skin beauty.

  2. The mask has been applied for too long, and the skin becomes terrible. I go home from work, wash my face after meals, and then apply a mask. Then I will sit in front of the TV. It will take more than half an hour to sit there.A nutrition-rich mask.

At the same time that you are studying the plot of the script’s fall and undulations, the moisture of your facial skin is being lost.

The mask is applied for too long, it will never achieve the effect you want, but it will cause your skin to lose moisture.

How long does the mask apply?

20 minutes, the nutrients are absorbed, and the water does not flow back. The instructions for most masks clearly indicate the time for applying the mask, which is generally 15?
20 minutes. During this time, the skin will absorb the nutrients in the mask. After this time, the skin’s moisture may flow back.

In addition, you must also pay attention that when applying some masks with rich nutrition, you must not apply it for too long because the nutrient solution in the mask is wasted. Excessive time may cause skin sensitivity.

  3, the ingredients of the mask must be distinguished, choose the wrong reactive anti-skin mask with different effects of its nutritional ingredients, and use can not achieve the desired effect, and the use of the wrong mask will cause intense stimulation to the skin and damage the skin.

  Moisturizing and whitening ingredients should be distinguished from white lotus root, white weed, atractylodes, atractylodes, arbutin, kojic palm salt, mulberry root, bitter gourd, Huai yam, aloe, etc. Plant or pharmaceutical ingredients have whitening value, hyaluronic acid, collagen protein, Seaweed extract and other things have excellent moisturizing effect, when choosing, be sure to distinguish according to nutritional ingredients.

Of course, this is only a small part of it. If you are not sure when buying, you can consult a professional.

Some masks contain whitening ingredients such as vitamin C in lemon and glycyrrhizic acid, which can no longer be used during the day, and can cause skin problems such as pigmentation under the stimulation of ultraviolet rays.

Excessive use of fruit acid ingredients can irritate the skin, causing skin redness, scaling, and itching.

  4. The tearing mask needs to be used with caution. The wrong use of the mask is praised by everyone for its effectiveness, but the damage to the skin is so deep that the insults and praises are comparable.

In order to verify its success, I also tried a knife here. The effect is really amazing. The effect of cleansing skin is super strong, but the tightness after applying and the pain during tearing make people dare not try again.Twice.

Long-term use of the peeling mask can cause enlarged pores, skin irritation, and even severe skin relaxation and premature deterioration.

Therefore, I would like to remind Members that the beauty of MM must be used with caution.

Hurry is not up to speed, some quick results may not be good.

  There are two tips for using the mask: 1. Choose a mask that suits your skin type according to the skin in order to make the best use of it.

Of course, in addition to the regular purchase, you must carefully check the precautions for the use of the mask, and must be used in strict accordance with the instructions on the manual.

  2. Make sure to choose the right time for making a mask. The effect of making a mask during the day is not as good as at night. At night is the “golden time” for skin beauty. At this time, the skin cells are more active and the metabolic capacity is stronger, which can make the mask or other skin care productsBeauty Essence exerts its function more fully, and makes the skin quality achieve leapfrogging.

Therefore, it is best to choose a mask before going to bed at night.