Wife’s confession

Wife’s confession

Marriage life is what Ms. Fei Fei Zhou said in her marriage counseling: “I wanted to find a good-tempered husband when I was a girl, and I did.

But in the past 12 years of marriage, the sexual life of our couple has never been harmonious.

I think that a man’s sexual ability is just like other abilities. He is strong and weak. My husband is a kind of born with a weak temper. He never coaxes a woman.

Please be fair, is it that I am asking too much of my husband, or is he too bad, that caused my conflict today?

“For the reasons for the disharmony of husband and wife’s sex life, I can’t just drop money, but objectively it is impossible that one party cannot cause it.

After in-depth dialogue, I found the following problems between Mrs. Zhou’s husband and wife: ① After the marriage, the husband and wife separated, and later separated from each other, which is extremely unfavorable to sex life; ② Ms. Zhou’s character is more irritable, causing psychological pressure on her husband;③The husband and wife cannot communicate emotionally, causing mutual incomprehension and non-compliance; ④In recent months, Ms. Zhou has refused to be close to her husband and has not fulfilled her sexual obligations; ⑤The husband has prostatitis and needs treatment . After consultationMs. Zhou admits that she often regards her husband as a “pumping bag”, and a husband who is often criticized, complained and ordered, or even abused, will have a good mood to have sex?

The right and wrong between husband and wife must be related to the mentality of both parties. This is by no means a 50-board strategy, but a science of life.

  If the two men and women who have their own subjective will between husbands and wives are to merge in the marriage and family, they need to expand their “emotional honey”?

Sex as a binder.

People never talk sweet words and tender feelings in love; but after marriage, they often artificially “make” whispering words, hot words, damaging words, babbling words . This is the destruction of husband and wifeThe culprit of emotional and sexual life.

  ”Mm, mum, mum, mum”, the sound of Ms. Qi beating and beating in the kitchen again; Mr. Jiang, who had wanted to help his wife cook, couldn’t help walking back.

He thought: I am more tired than you at work. I wander around for a day and show me my face as soon as I get home!

I didn’t do anything sorry to you!

As a result, supper turned into a “boring meal”.

Couples are too lazy to talk, will there be interest in sex?

Life’s anger, troubles, and pain need to be vented, but couples should pay attention to the way of psychological communication: you can whisper slowly, you can cry like a complaint; you can laugh and humor, you can be flirtatious; but don’t ignore itAnd let alone self-indulgence.

  Whether the positive and negative emotional interactions are harmonious is often a barometer of the couple’s emotions and an objective manifestation of the quality of marriage.

Some couples have value because of it.

There are differences in economic gaps, interpersonal relationships, and other issues. Differences affect emotional communication, and emotional alienation causes decreased sexual desire.

Many couples generally do not discuss sexual life issues directly, but continue to vent their dissatisfaction with sexual life from the “left door”. Therefore, in some families, various harsh “dissonance sounds” often appear, repeating thisSlapstick: Ms. Lu counts the children while she is cooking, “Don’t wash your hands yet?

Seeing your success, you have grown so big, you can do nothing, and your academic performance is not up!

Like your dad, the whole thing is ruined!

As soon as Mr. Wang heard this, his heart flew up: “You are here again!”

Look down on me, I go!

“Slammed the door and walked away.

How can such a couple be different from each other in different dreams?

  Research in family psychology proves that there is a need for positive “emotional interaction” between husband and wife; there is a “mirror effect” between husband and wife: when a wife smiles at her husband, she sees satisfaction and happiness from her husband’s face;The wife is the same.

You know, men and women are psychologically fragile. Marriage is like a fine porcelain bowl. Handle it lightly and do n’t mess around; marriage is a precious plant that grows slowly and needs to be fertilized patiently.And don’t let it experience too much severe heat.

  The wind and waves of the family harbour are in a fast-changing modern society. The family is like a small boat traveling through the torrents of the times: the husband is a shaker and the wife is at the helm; whether the family can thrive and be happy is the spouseWhether to cooperate with tacit understanding, but some husbands and wives have not cherished the “Noah’s Ark” that has been in use. The exits hurt time and again.

In fact, if anyone says marriage is the grave of love, it is because staring at your own hands upends the boat of marriage.

  Ms. Qiu is a business expert and never asks her husband for money.

She will wait for her husband to wait comfortably to prove her smartness and ability; reorganize, and criticize her husband’s incompetence with her hard work. The husband thinks that this family does not need him, so he empathizes with each other.

Can Ms. Qiu’s regretful tears keep her husband’s heart?

  As a counsellor, I have heard from many married people.

Many men say that women who like “birds to people” are wives; many women like “obedient” husbands.

Are the expectations of men and women very contradictory?

Definitely not the case, the key is to maintain a mentality between husband and wife.

Since entering the marriage.Don’t regret it, perform your role well!