Netizen high temperature yoga weight loss experience report

Netizen high temperature yoga weight loss experience report

Experiencer: Xiaoqi Occupation Description: Little white-collar workers from 9 to 5 in the morning, get up at 7 in the morning, have breakfast at 8, usually bread, biscuits and milk.

Working and working with computers, except for eating and going to the toilet, almost never leave the seat.

I usually go to bed around 12 o’clock and sometimes stay up late.

  Experience project: Hot Yoga.

There are a total of 26 fixed exercises for practicing yoga indoors at 38 ° C to 42 ° C, and each lesson is generally 1 hour.

Practitioners will sweat a lot and expel water and toxins from the body to achieve weight loss.

In fact, the endocrine can be adjusted during the exercise. By squeezing the body, twisting the pressure and stimulating the endocrine glands.

In addition, yoga’s abdominal breathing can make people get more oxygen and increase the amount of oxygen absorbed by unfortunate cells in the body, thereby burning excess aunts and achieving firming muscles.

  Attack target: Weight loss of 4 kg. Fighting belief: Aimei will pay the price!

  I heard that practicing yoga can correct the scoliosis of the spine, and practicing high-temperature yoga can also lose weight, so the mentality of “one stone, two birds” has been added to the magical world of yoga.

  Drinking water: Before class, follow the instructor’s instructions, keep fasting 3 hours before training, and drink a large bottle of water 20 minutes before class.

  Dressing: After shower, put on comfortable gym clothes and remove all accessories from your body.

  Preparation: The first time I entered the high-temperature yoga classroom, it was not as boring as I expected. Two humidifiers were placed in the classroom to maintain the humidity in the room.

There are only six exams in the first class, so that each book can be personally guided by the coach. Don’t worry that you just can’t keep up with the practice. The coach only requires you to achieve your maximum tolerance.

Everyone had a bottle of water and two towels on the cushions.

The coach said, “Because the room temperature is hot, towels are used to wipe sweat, and water is used to replenish water during training.

“Class: 18:30 on time.

The instructor first introduced the abdominal breathing and drinking requirements of yoga and started practicing.

Hot yoga consists of 26 compression exercises and 2 breathing methods, each of which needs to be repeated 2 times.

When I started to do some movements, I felt a little uncomfortable and felt dizzy. The coach told us that it was because the sweat glands were not open, and I felt more uncomfortable. After the first three movements were completed, Douda’s sweat beads dropped down the face.There is a sense of pleasurable speech, so the first three movements cannot drink water, and you must learn to control your body with breathing.

Be sure to calm down.

I had to bite my head and bear it, secretly cheering up and insisting.

After a few minutes, the discomfort disappeared, and finally I knew what it meant to be “quiet and naturally cool”.

  On the way, I knew that the indoor temperature reached nearly 40 seconds. It was a miracle to exercise at such a high temperature. I had to admire myself and the “comrades” around me.

At this temperature, it seems that everyone’s softness has reached its optimal state, shrinking, turning to replacement, and allowing sweat to “gush” unbridled, and soon, the clothes are wet.

At this time, it seems that the pressure in the body can be discharged together with the toxins.

  Finally completed the last action.

Although the 26 yoga postures are not difficult, the body still feels very tired. I don’t want to get up on the mat and really want to sleep like this.

  Step out of the classroom and drink a bowl of drinks.

Quickly rushed into the shower, and rushed behind me. I really felt that my body was becoming lighter, and my skin and mind were completely refreshed.

  As this is the first time to participate in the training of high-temperature yoga, the coach told us: “Beginners will sometimes have difficulty adapting to the stress of yoga and respiratory system caused by yoga at this temperature, and they will have a dizzy reaction. This phenomenon is normal.of.
At this time you can lie down and take a break.

Between courses, unless it ‘s really anxious, it ‘s best to take the whole course and leave, and re-enter the hot classroom after leaving the seat halfway, it will take twice as much energy as before to adapt to the change in temperature difference, halfway through,Often caused by this.

  Coach Xu Wen advised: 1. Breath with your nose during training: Because breathing with your mouth is not easy to grasp the uniform breathing, it is easy to take away moisture, and you must follow the coach’s guidance, do not appear unconsciously holding your breath.

Nose hair can filter dirty air and harmful bacteria, and can also stabilize nerves and make the body healthier.

  2. Bare feet while practicing.

It’s best to wear cotton clothing to absorb sweat.

The cut is as simple and loose as possible, which can guarantee the airlessness and unconstrained body during exercise.   3. Replenish water in time during practice. Drink 500ml of water after practice.

  4. Practicing high-temperature yoga must be done according to your own physical condition. You cannot deliberately interfere gently, otherwise you will be injured.

  5. Grasping the slow process of body posture and the feeling of body movement is more important than completing posture.

  6. As long as you practice yoga persistently and do your best, you can achieve results.

  7. It is recommended to practice a maximum of two to three times a week for one hour or an hour and a half.