Eating more pumpkins can prevent cancer

Eating more pumpkins can prevent cancer

In the theory of Chinese medicine, food is called traditional Chinese medicine, and it has its own four natures: cold, hot, warm, cold and schisandra, bitter, sweet, pungent, salty, and its health overcoming or taboo.Say.

Food is the basis for our life, growth and health.

To prevent cancer, stay away from cancer and pay more attention to your daily diet.

  The main nutritional ingredients of pumpkin are protein, starch, iron, expected fiber, carotenoids, B vitamins, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, chromium and so on.

  Therapeutic effects Carotenoids can strengthen the mucous membranes, prevent colds, improve corneal desiccation, night blindness and rough skin; replace fibers to help digestion, prevent constipation and colon cancer, and delay the absorption of sugar from the small intestine; chromium can promote healing and normal replication, Has the role of diabetes.

  The doctor’s advice is that the yellow color of the pumpkin is caused by the carotenoids contained. The darker the color, the more carotenoids are contained. If you consume too much, it will easily cause pigmentation and cause temporary yellowing of the skin. Once you stop eating,You can recover naturally.

  The nutritionist reminds that the carotenoids contained in pumpkin are resistant to high temperature, and fried with fat, it will help the body absorb and absorb.

When using pumpkin as stuffing, it is not appropriate to chop or remove the juice, because it will easily lose the original nutrients in it.

  For patients with cough of traditional Chinese medicine, take 200 grams of pumpkin and a small amount of rock sugar, and add an appropriate amount of water to cook until soft and cooked.

For hair loss caused by chemoradiotherapy, you can take pumpkin seeds into the pot, add water and fry them slowly over low heat, 20 tablets daily.

  Food phase grams pumpkin + vinegar = affect starch digestion and digestion Note: The same food with starch containing pumpkin and vinegar containing acetic acid will interfere with the decomposition of starch, make starch stay in the stomach and rot, which is not good for health.

  Pumpkin + pig liver = affects the body’s absorption of copper Note: The substitute fiber in pumpkin encounters copper in pig liver, which will reduce the absorption of copper and may cause abdominal distension.