One by one outdoor sports this spring

One by one outdoor sports this spring

Spring is here, and there is a vibrant scene everywhere, old trees sprout new shoots, the grass is sliced tender green, and the flowers are gorgeous.

In this season of the recovery of all things, the long season of Ying Fei Cao, for those who have been dormant in the cold winter for more than three months, spring is extremely desirable.

For fitness, spring is a great season to move your muscles and exercise.

  From a physiological point of view, the human body is generally in a dormant state in winter, and the activities of various organs of the body are unlikely. The body mainly stores energy and physical strength, which is why most professional athletes need winter training.

Once in spring, the activities of the body organs begin to intensify, and the physical energy reserve will gradually be released, and physical energy and energy are in a gradually upward state.

When you exercise in this state, the fitness effect is very good.

  If you can exercise outdoors in the lush mountain and green grassy spring days, you can breathe fresh air and experience the caress of the wind. It is a different charm . Walking in the spring has been said to be “walking green”, that is, walking outdoors or evenGo hiking in the countryside.

From the perspective of human kinematics, “walking green” is a good fitness walk, especially a morning walk.

Don’t underestimate this common walk. If you can walk for more than 20 minutes every morning and keep your heart rate at about 100 beats per minute to 120 beats per minute, you can stretch your limbs, speed up blood circulation and metabolism.

Because walking is not a lot of exercise, it is especially beneficial to middle-aged and elderly people and weak people.

Especially in spring, there is a phenomenon of “spring sleepiness”. Many people often don’t sleep enough after getting up in the morning.

If you have the conditions, stick to it earlier than the park or walk in open air with better air, and you will be able to get rid of the “spring trap” in one of them.

  Fitness Index: ★★★ ☆☆ Friendship Tips: 1.

If you take a walk in the morning, pay attention to the quality of the air.

It is best to exercise after the sun comes out and the fog has dissipated. At the same time, it is best to find a place where the sun can shine and there is grass and water.


Pay attention to anti-allergy.

Spring is the season when flowers are in full bloom, and pollen is abundant.

If the pollen is sensitive to allergic constitution, you should pay special attention to anti-allergy when walking outdoors.

  If you don’t find walking a fitness exercise, you may wish to run outdoors.

Jog, run fast and let you play freely.

The fitness run has a relatively large amount of exercise, which is suitable for young people and people who have a better physique and like sports.

Running is very good for improving cardiopulmonary function. It can speed up blood circulation, increase lung capacity, and also lose weight.

If you can run for half an hour every day and keep your heart rate at 120 beats per minute-150 beats per minute (even those with high ability can reach 150 beats per minute-180 beats per minute), the fitness effect will be better.

Because running time varies from person to person.

First of all, middle-aged and elderly people run mostly in the morning and morning, young people run more in the afternoon, and those who need to work during the day choose to run at night.

  Fitness Index: ★★★★ ☆ Friendship Tips: 1.

Running is an item in which the amount of exercise can be self-restructured. You need to pay attention to the intensity of the exercise to avoid overwork.


Also pay attention to air quality during morning jogging.

If time permits, running around four or five in the afternoon is more appropriate, at this time the body is in a better physical condition.


Outdoor running fitness, also pay attention to anti-allergy.

  Mountain climbing Rock climbing is also a good season for mountain climbing, such as Qianfoshan in Jinan, Hero Mountain, etc. are good choices.

From the amount of exercise, mountaineering is nothing more than a long distance run.

Many people have this feeling: often before the mountain reaches halfway, it feels breathless and consumes a lot of energy.

Mountain climbing is a good aerobic exercise, which not only greatly improves cardiopulmonary function (heartbeat can reach 150 beats per minute), but also quickly consumes your aunt, and can strengthen the leg muscles.

Popular rock climbing and mountain climbing are different in the same way.  When you climb the coastal city or countryside, the feeling of relaxation can also relieve the fatigue when climbing.

While striving towards the highest peak, it can also temper the psychological quality of people.

It can be said that mountain climbing is an outdoor sport with excellent physiology.

  Fitness index: ★★★★★ Friendship tips: 1.

Regardless of whether there is a ready-made mountain road, whether it is climbing more difficult mountain peaks, small hills or even artificial rock walls, you need to pay attention to safety.


The requirements for mountaineering are higher. It is best to equip with supplementary equipment (sportswear, shoes, etc.) and necessary equipment (water bottles, band-aids, etc.).

  There are more and more people traveling by bicycle today.

But don’t forget that although self-driving is also a kind of sport, it is mainly used for sports, and cycling by bicycle is definitely a physical exercise.

To travel by bicycle, you usually have to go to the suburbs or a few kilometers of the urban area or even dozens of kilometers, which is like a long-distance travel exercise.

The amount of exercise during cycling is not small. High heart rate can reach 150 times / minute-180 times / minute, and low heart rate can reach 120 times / minute. The exercise value is very great.

  In the spring, I was able to invite a group of friends to ride a bicycle for a long journey. The so-called youth companion said jokingly, unknowingly performed a good outdoor exercise, and it was also a very useful “environmental friendly fitness exercise”.

  Fitness index: ★★★★★ Friendship tips: 1.

Still cliché: pay attention to safety.


If it is a long journey, you need to bring the necessary equipment and utensils in case of accidents.

  Flying a kite “hangs in a line of paper kite and accompanies the spring breeze to the sky.

With the waves of wind and wind, many people flew kites in Quancheng Square, near Heroes Mountain.

Kite flying is a good exercise to return to nature, people can breathe fresh air.

When manipulating the handle along the ground, he unconsciously exercised his legs, arms, wrists, hands, waist, elbows and other parts when flying a kite.

Kite flying in the open field can also adjust vision and eliminate eye muscle fatigue.

  Fitness Index: ★★★ ☆☆ Friendship Tips: 1.

The best time to fly a kite is when the sky is clear at three or four in the afternoon. At this time, the temperature of the sun is just right and the popularity is the highest.


When flying a kite, wind must be taken into consideration.

The experience of “enthusiasts” is that the fun is most enjoyable in level 3 wind.

  Shuttlecocks At some fitness points, shuttlecocks are still a popular outdoor sport.

Little bitch has great fitness, especially for the elderly.

As the saying goes, “the old man is the old one”, whether the leg muscles are strong is the first sign of the health and longevity of some elderly people.

After 50 years of age, the muscles of the whole body begin to relax, and the leg muscles are also going “downhill.”

By kicking the shuttlecock, leg movements are strengthened, which can delay aging.

In fact, lifting the leg, jumping, flexing, turning, etc. can exercise the feet, legs, waist, body, hands and other parts, and can also improve the flexibility and posture of the joints.

Heartbeat can reach 150 beats per minute to 160 beats per minute when kicking, which is a good exercise to promote blood circulation.

It won’t matter much if the shuttlecock can exercise the sensitive reactions of the brain and eyes.

  Fitness index: ★★★★ ☆ Friendly reminder: The shuttlecock requires a lot of stretching of the body joints, so you need to stretch the joints before exercise, move your bones, and avoid injuries.

  Of course, outdoor sports in spring are much more than that. Those outdoor sports that you can think of and do are good fitness exercises that can make spring a “healthy spring.”