Why am i afraid of wife

Why am i afraid of wife

For many years, my wife had only quarreled with me once.

At that time, I had all the advantages, and cast her down so badly that I made her cry without any trouble.

  However, basically my wife seems to have found a way to deal with me-crying, because she found that when she cried, I softened, compromised, and conceded.

  Over time, I found that it was not troublesome for me to make my wife cry; however, I had to spend a lot of time trying to make her “rainy and sunny”.

I certainly don’t like this. The problem is that when the couple lives at home, when the couple always have different opinions, the dispute is inevitable.

I do n’t know what ‘s going on. In short, my wife is too smart, and she finally knows how to stop me-who told me that a woman is stupid?

I want to find him theory!

  I was surprised that my wife seldom cried when she was in love. She was a sunny girl.

After getting married, especially after she tasted the sweetness, her tears suddenly increased, and the reserves were amazing. I do n’t know why she had so many tears?

  My wife is very personality when she cries. She is not as loud and repetitive as some women. She just sobbed softly and shed tears silently. If it is necessary to characterize it, I guess she belongs to a long stream.

  In this way, through my wife’s grasp of the magic weapon against me, I went up and down in the house, and inadvertently reduced from “owner” to “strict wife control”.

I was so afraid that I would n’t provoke my wife. Generally, I did n’t touch on the policy of the big government. Even if I had different opinions, I would let her tout her. Because I knew that if she disputed, she would bring me a magic weapon.Only concessions, and to cheer her up, this is a huge project just after the flood control subsidence.

  However, when there is a dispute over principled issues, I will argue based on reasons, and there have been times when both sides have made concessions to reach an agreement.

When the rain is clear and my wife is not crying, she will suddenly look at me with her big bright eyes. When I breathe out, I feel funny, look at her lovely eyes, all around the worldIn the victor’s gesture, this was the most gentle scene; her long warped eyelashes were still stained with small tears, but the corner of her mouth had already raised a smile, much like a little girl who had been wronged and quickly received great compensation.!!
It really makes me feel bad.

  Tears are my wife’s preferred weapon against her husband. This is the mark I inherited.

The deeper this experience, the more I am afraid, even to the point of talking about “tears” discoloration. Even if there is a woman crying on the TV, I will habitually chatter, picking up the remote control and quickly changing channels.

  His wife is getting smarter and deeper with Rou Kegang’s truth.

When I wanted to buy a dress, I did n’t agree with it. She got into my arms and flirted, eh, yeah, it dangled me; I knew that she was deliberately pretending to play “beauty”, but there wereAny way, who made me so “afraid” of her, and besides that she never used the salary every month, and it was not too much to buy a season-changing clothes at a discounted price, so she had to rely on her.

  Later, I found out that my wife was becoming more “domineering”. Before, she only looked after herself, and now even my personal habits have begun to interfere.

  I have been drinking coffee for many years, and a few cups a day has become a fixed habit.

My wife actually asked for a drink ban, of course I can’t accept it.

There is no doubt that it has been a great offense for me to quit drinks that I have loved for many years. Besides, I am afraid that even the minimum alignment right will be lost. This is a question of the dignity of men.Big tooth.
  Forbid me to drink coffee!

I objected to it, and my wife insisted on her opinions and was stubborn.

I thought the Cold War would be just a few days. Who knew that one day I would go home from work and find that all my coffee was gone.

Ask your wife and answer “throw it.”

I felt unbearable. As soon as I was about to invest, my wife took out her magic weapon. When I saw it was going to “rain”, my heart was okay again. Think about it, throw it all, what else?

This “change in the sky” means that when the sun will come out!

  After I strongly abstained from coffee addiction, my wife had to make inroads and force me to drink tea every day.

Hey, I do n’t like tea the most. Why did n’t she just deal with me?

I gritted my teeth and decided to run the risk of turning my face. I had to talk to myself.

So, I looked somber, didn’t talk, and watched her tremble.

  Seeing my unhappy look, my wife smiled: “You have a high blood pressure. Drinking more tea is good.

Also, I did n’t throw the coffee and put it in the kitchen cabinet. I really want to drink it. Just have a drink, but only one drink a day!

“When I heard this, my nose was sour, my eyes were soggy, and I took a few deep breaths, holding back no tears . Now I know exactly why I am afraid of my wife, not because of what she has.To deal with my magic, or because she loves me, I love her.