What is the correct amount of skin care products?


What is the correct amount of skin care products?

Applying eye cream a little less has no effect. If you use more unfortunate pills, it will replace black circles and become a headache . I believe that you will encounter a lot of skin troubles.

Do you know how much skin care products are most suitable?

  How should skin care products be used? Few people really think about it.

Everyone knows that the amount of skin care products is particular about it. If you want effective skin beauty, you must keep in mind!

  Be stingy when you are stingy: using a cream of rice for eye cream is enough to make everyone look pale when the first fine lines appear.

At this time, many people apply eye cream thickly in an attempt to make fine lines disappear.

In fact, repairing dead sheep is useless.

  The skin around the eyes is very thin and there are almost no pores. Using too much eye cream will cause a burden on the skin around the eyes and cause trace particles to appear.

Auntie is difficult to eliminate, wouldn’t it cost money to find it?

  Some eye creams are recommended to consider the use of eye masks. Some eye creams are gel-like, and even oily eye creams are not suitable for this.

  The correct amount of eye cream: Eye cream for one eye should be the size of a grain of rice.

Note that it is not millet or corn, but rice.

  You should be stingy when you are stingy: Essences don’t work by splurging. Essences of thousands of dollars should be used. Everyone should not splurge, but often people think that if you use more layers of essence, your skin will be better.

  Whether you are rich or have poor skin condition, it is recommended not to use essence as water.

Because the concentration of the essence is very high, the dosage has a certain standard. If it exceeds the dosage indicated in the instruction manual, it may cause further burden and damage to the skin.

Applying thick essence on the entire face has no effect.

If you want to maintain your skin condition, you need to use the proper essence continuously and fixedly.

  The correct amount of serum: use according to the amount specified in the instructions.

First, the amount used at a time is about 1/2 of a dime coin.

  You should be stingy when you are stingy: the more cleansing products you have, the cleaner your oily skin is. The product that is most likely to be consumed is probably cleansing!

Because I often feel that the skin is oily, I am afraid that the black people will not wash off the oil, and the face wash can’t help but squeeze and squeeze.

Over time, not only does the skin not get better, but many problems have arisen. Why?

  This principle is like putting washing powder when washing clothes. If you put too much washing powder, it will not only wash clean, it will leave white marks on the clothes.

The cleaning power does not mean how much to clean the product.

If you use too much facial cleanser, it will not wash away, which will cause residues and cause skin problems.

  Many cleansing products are now concentrated, only a little bit of water can rub out a lot of foam, enough to clean grease and dust.

  The correct amount of cleansing products: if it is a creamy cleansing product, it is enough to expand about half of the first knuckle of the little finger each time; if it is a lotion, it is as much as 2/3 of a dollar coin.
  Be generous when you need to be generous: Toners are more beneficial. Toners are the most generous skin care products, because it is the product that most directly relieves dry skin and hydrates the skin.

Toner packs are generally very large, so it’s easy to be good, but don’t be stingy.

  The amount of toner must be at least to cover the face, if the amount of toner is insufficient, it will cause skin dryness.

In addition, if only a small amount of lotion is poured at a time, only dry cotton pads will rub on the skin at the end of the shot, which will cause skin damage. Over time, the skin will become rough.

  Whether it is a beauty expert or a beauty expert, it is recommended that you can use a lot of toner, even if it is too much.

You can apply moist cotton pads to your dry cheeks, or you can continue to take care of your neck and back of your hands.

In short, it’s better to be more, not less, the norm of using toner.

  The correct amount of toner: if it is packed in a nozzle, it must be blocked at least three times.

Make sure at least 2/3 of a cotton pad is moist every time.

  Be generous when you need to be generous: make-up oil is fully emulsified and you need to measure enough. Many people will be stingy when using make-up oil. The reason is not because the make-up oil is expensive, but because the make-up oil feels greasy and looks likeA little is enough.   The effect of cleansing oil comes from emulsification. If the excess is small, it cannot be fully emulsified.

Moreover, rubbing when removing makeup will cause skin to be pulled if the amount is small, and wrinkles will come out over time.

  The use of makeup remover oil can be determined according to the shade of the makeup, but there is a basic rule that when you rub, you must be able to feel that your fingers move smoothly on the skin without feeling astringent.

  The correct amount of cleansing oil: If it is a jam-type packaging, the amount should be 2 at a time.
3 times is appropriate.

If not, use the size of a dollar coin.

  Be generous when you need to be generous: The thickness of a mask is not as good as the skin care “rookie” class. One of the most common mistakes people make is the amount of mask applied.

In order to save the mask, many people apply a thin layer on the skin, even the color of the skin cannot be covered.

In fact, it is better to apply the mask in this way, because it can not play the role of the mask at all.

  The volcanic mud mask of Begaz’s star product has always been the top three of the beauty forum packaging products, because many people think that its large jar packaging requires multiple people to use it.

In fact, our product manager told us that the amount of these mud masks is larger than we thought, and the thickness of each application must be 3 millimeters for its excellent deep cleaning ability.

  Therefore, when applying a non-sheet mask, the thickness is very important, at least to ensure that it can completely cover the skin of the entire face.

And the clean type mask, because it wants to clean the dirt in the pores and remove the horny, so the thickness requirements will be higher.

Little stingy, if you don’t want to waste your mask, apply a little thicker every time.

  The correct dosage of the mask: As the dosage of the mask will be different according to different products and everyone’s skin quality, the face shape is different, so there is no universal reference dosage, please read the instructions carefully before using and fully consult the counter shopping guide.

  Be generous when you need to be generous: Sunscreen 2mm / cm2 Some people have repeated: I use sunscreen every day, why will I get tanned?

It is a bit unfair to blame the poor quality of sunscreen because the amount of sunscreen is critical.

Check first if you are too stingy.

  Studies have shown that to achieve sun protection, at least 2 milligrams of sunscreen must be applied per square centimeter of skin.

You can do a small experiment: Measure the length and width of your face with a ruler, calculate the approximate area, and divide by 2 mm to calculate how much sunscreen you need.

  Some people may argue that sunscreen is not used for saving, but sunscreen is too greasy.

If you want to maintain sun protection, you can choose a refreshing sunscreen lotion.

  The correct amount of sunscreen: more than a face cream, at least a few yuan coin size.

A 30ml bottle of sunscreen should be used up in the summer for more than a month.

  Be generous when you need to be generous: the body cream is willing to reduce the size. Lazy people who want to lose weight often prevent the body cream from being useless, because too much expectation is put in, and the waist is not even an inch.

The biggest reason to interview a beauty who successfully reduced her size using a slimming cream is: willing!

  This product is very special. It must not only moisturize the skin surface, but also fully penetrate the skin, and then disperse the aunt. At the same time, it must aggregate on the skin surface to lift the firming effect, so the amount must be large.

If the amount is small, it will not only dissolve the aunt, but also the role of lifting is difficult to achieve.

So, don’t be stingy with lazy people who lose weight!

  The correct amount of body sculpting cream: According to the different weight-loss parts of each person, the constitution is different, the amount is also different, there is no uniform standard.

There is a simple consideration: at least one bottle is used a month to be effective.