Attention to communication details makes you popular

Attention to communication details makes you popular

It is often a precursor to great changes in communication, it is often a good opportunity to regain communication success without any effort, and it is often a “four or two” that stirs up the interpersonal relationship!

Remember: there is much to do with the nuances of communication.

  1. Complimenting others for their “brilliant works” Everyone, including those who are inferior and inferior, has a place to make them proud. These “flashing points” that make them intoxicated may be very small.I knew in my heart that he didn’t even notice it.

These “proud little works” may be, for example, good at making a delicious sweet and sour fish, good at folding various paper planes, and studying folk stories and folk customs.

If you praise these small strengths, they will definitely please them.

You know, from the perspective of gaining popularity, praising small advantages is more effective than complimenting everyone’s well-known advantages.

  For the first time, Chen Xin was in the car opened by Master Liu.

At that time, it was the rush hour of work, and the traffic was heavy on the road, but Master Liu’s car was steady but not slow.

At this time, Chen Xin began to write an article: “Master Liu, you can drive so fast under such circumstances. It’s not easy. There is a way!

“Unexpectedly, this heartfelt praise made Master Liu very happy.

Because he does have superb driving skills, especially how to transform his uniqueness on a prosperous road, no one has praised him so much before Chen Xin took his car.

This matter has been going on for 10 years, and Master Liu has been obsessed with the scene at that time, and often praises Chen Xin for his vision.

  Make small articles in small places.

Mind and praise others’ “small masterpieces” by heart. Don’t look at their smallness. In fact, getting bigger in small places is also a great communication skill, and these skills are not mastered by many people.

If you have this kung fu, you will be able to build a popularity building in the flat land.

  2. Remember the “random words” of others. Everyone’s words have no golden rules, no sound, and some words have been spoken. Before long, the speaker will forget, or stop paying attention to it.

  This kind of casual discourse is very informative.

If you mention what he said before, such as: “You said . I still remember it now.

“The other person will be very happy because of your attention, thinking that you are a careful person, a person who can do great things, and a person who cares about others very much.

If you not only remember others’ random words, but also follow their random words, it will be even more effective.

  One day, Xiao Zhang happily gave Lao Yin a large package of marinated toon.

When delivering, Xiao Zhang said, “I have just returned from my hometown, and brought you the specialty of your hometown.

According to Xiao Zhang, Lao Yincai suddenly remembered that when the two were drinking together six months ago, Xiao Zhang once said, “The pickled toon, a specialty of our hometown, tastes great.” Lao Yin then joked, “SinceSo, when you return to your hometown to visit relatives, give me a bag!

“Actually, this is just a joke from him, and he forgets it after he finishes it.

By now, Zhang had sent the pickled toon seriously, and Lao Yin was so moved that the psychological distance between the two was greatly shortened.

  The “waste gold mine” can also extract brilliant gold!

Pay attention and remember the random words of others. It is actually “a pile of gold ore”. If you mine it properly, “popular gold” will make you extremely rich.

Although the casual words of all people are subtle, there is much to do.

  3. Do something else that is “unexpectedly trivial”. A German bank’s advertisement is famous all over the world. It is written like this: You live your life, we take care of the details for you.

What are the details?

It is often a trivial thing that people do by accident.

It is said that the credibility of the bank has been greatly improved after this advertisement was published.

This is not the case for an organization. For people, those who pay particular attention to details and who can do other unexpected small things at the right time are often assured.

Doing something unexpected for others is an important technique for plumping up your image.

  When Song Yang was just elected mayor of a city, he gave a wonderful inaugural speech at the National People’s Congress, which caused applause.

A representative of the National People’s Congress went to congratulate him.

Song Yang said, “Yes, everyone applauded 18 times.

The representative immediately ran to check the minutes of the meeting. It was true that Mayor Song Yang said the figures were very accurate.Obviously, Song Yang carefully noted the number of applause at the venue while he was speaking.

Because of this, the attending representatives and informed citizens cast admiration on the new mayor.

People think that since such a savvy mayor has noticed even these small details, what will be beneficial to the city will fall outside the mayor’s vision?

I believe that such a mayor will be able to beat his bright eyes on the joy and pain of every citizen, and believe that Song Yang will certainly make the general public glorious.

  A philosopher once said: Any detail is of special significance.

In this case, let’s do something unexpected for others. This is an important alternative to crafting your own image.

People will be amazed and appreciated by you.

  4. Paying attention to the “minor changes” of others. No one is unwilling to accept the concern of others, and no one is concerned about those who care about themselves.

Therefore, to win praise, you need to properly express your concern for others.

  If you notice slight changes in the other person’s wear, appearance, etc., it is best to point out immediately.

If the other party changes the new tie, you say, “Where did you buy this tie for the first time?”

“He will happily accept your concern and feel good about you.

Women, in particular, pay particular attention to their own wear. Once someone notices the change in her dress, she will feel heartfelt joy. At this time, the distance between you will be replaced.

  The girl Xiaofang is very intoxicated with her boyfriend Pang Hai. What makes her particularly satisfied is that Pang Hai has a vision of paying attention to small objects.

Maybe, for example, when she came out of the hair salon and wore a new hairstyle, Pang Hai would enjoy it with great interest; if she didn’t sleep well last night, Pang Hai would cut off the tiredness on her body and look after her today;A small accessory was pinned on the clothes, and Pang Hai would definitely ask.

As Pang Hai was watching her change, Xiaofang felt very satisfied.

Pang Hai’s article on small management far outweighs the role of money.

  Not only between men and women, if any two people can immediately notice the small changes in each other without prompting, and sincerely say so, the relationship between them must be very harmonious.

Therefore, people must not be careless in their communication objects, they should pay attention to each other’s sesame affairs.

  5. Modify your “communicative details” When talking with others, you may wish to raise your eyebrows when you are happy, widen your eyes when you are serious, ask questions directly, and repeat briefly after listening.

In this way, you will leave a good impression that people are flexible and good at communication.

If you have a well-balanced rhythm, slow behavior, solemn movements, and stability like Mount Tai, then you will have the impression of being extraordinary and calm.

For someone’s invitation, if you can take out your notebook and write down the date and address carefully, then others will think you are a creditworthy person.

If you change your appointment time from 8:30 to 8:35, others will think you are a capable and capable person.

These are the communication details, because you merge and modify, so it enhances your communication image.

Don’t be casual in small places.

This is most likely related to whether you succeed or not.

  One salesperson was very popular with customers, and she sold far more goods than other salespeople.

Why is this so?

It turned out that she paid particular attention to retouching communication details.

For example, if someone wants to buy a kilo of chocolate, she always catches 0.

About 9 kilograms of chocolate are weighed, and then added one by one, until the foot weighs.

Unlike other salespersons, grabbing more than one kilogram and weighing it first, then cruelly take it out little by little . It seems that this excellent salesperson’s approach is pleasant.
Wait, she must say “thank you” when the customer helps her carry the goods.

Because helping her to get the goods can be done to the customer or not, and it is a kind of payment, so it is necessary to express gratitude in time.

She is not as impassive as the other shop assistants.

As a result, she achieved great success, not only with a lot of bonuses, but also with the honorary title of model worker in her city.

  Modifying such junction details is to lubricate the gears of daily life, so that everything goes smoothly; it is to put you on the wings of soaring to help you succeed.

Decorating your communication details is the icing on the cake.
Good at subtleties, there are so many communication articles to do!