[Can garlic be eaten overnight]_taboo_danger

[Can garlic be eaten overnight]_taboo_danger

Any kind of food will definitely cause bacterial growth after eating overnight, and it is generally not edible, but if there is no deterioration, we can eat without heating, but the food nutrients after overnight are not as high as fresh. AboutGarlic is no exception. Do not eat the garlic holes overnight. It will not serve the function of disinfection and sterilization, and the nutrients of garlic will not be lost overnight.

According to health experts, no matter what dishes, it is best not to stay overnight as long as garlic is put.

After overnight, garlic can’t dissolve sterilization and anti-cancer effect. Instead, it will react with the seasonings and other ingredients in the vegetable to produce cancer toxins or other harmful substances.

Even vegetables that do not contain garlic, it is best not to eat overnight, let alone whether overnight foods will produce toxins, and in terms of nutritional value, there is no value to eat, because after processing, the overnight vegetablesLoss of nutrition, eating this kind of vegetable is not good, why bother eating it.

How much garlic is appropriate?

Although garlic is good, it is not always better to eat more.

Because eating more garlic will affect the absorption of B vitamins, a large amount of consumption may have irritating effects on the eyes, and severe cases may cause eyelid inflammation and conjunctivitis.

In addition, garlic should not be consumed on an empty stomach.

Because garlic is irritating and corrosive, it should not be consumed by patients with gastric ulcers and suffering from headache, cough, toothache and other diseases.

Once a day or once every other day, you can eat 2-3 flaps each time.

6 taboos to eat garlic 1, avoid garlic when diarrhea.

This is because in patients with diarrhea, due to cold or eating unclean food with pathogenic bacteria, the permeability of local intestinal mucosal tissues inflammatoryly infiltrates the blood vessels of the intestinal wall, and the intestinal glands secrete excessively, resulting in protein, water and salt.Metabolic disorders cause a large amount of body fluids to penetrate into the intestinal cavity. At the same time, bacteria and toxins stimulate the intestinal wall, causing intestinal peristalsis and diarrhea.

At this time, the entire intestinal cavity is in a “supersaturated” tension state, and then eating garlic as a spicy substance will further irritate the intestinal wall, promote further congestion of blood vessels, edema, and cause more tissue fluid to flow into the intestine.Within, exacerbates diarrhea.

2. Avoid eating garlic on an empty stomach to prevent acute gastritis.

3, avoid excessive consumption of garlic.

Adults can eat two or three cloves of raw garlic and four or five cloves of cooked garlic. Children can halve and eat more.

4, avoid long-term consumption of garlic.

Garlic has the effect of stiffening the body, which is often a cause of constipation, and it can kill a large number of intestinal bacteria, which can cause some skin diseases.

5, avoid external use, so as not to cause skin chapped.

6. Some people have special reactions to garlic, so if you feel unwell after eating, you should avoid eating.