Some plants that have mosquito repellent effect?

Some plants that have mosquito repellent effect?

On hot summer days, mosquitoes that are still raging with degraded chemical pesticides will detour by the following plants.

  Mosquito repellent.

Containing citronellal and other medicinal ingredients, it has a lemon fragrance all year round, which can repel mosquitoes and purify the air.


Contains menthol, menthol and other medicinal ingredients, with a special fragrant aroma, mosquitoes will faint when they smell.


Contains jasmine flavonoids, mannitol and other medicinal ingredients, with a strong floral fragrance. When placed indoors in summer, it can keep mosquitoes away.


Contains citronellol, citral, and other active ingredients, which have bactericidal and insect repellent effects. The taste is slightly like roses.


Contains linalyl acetate, linalool and other active ingredients, known as “after vanilla”.

Open a kind of blue-purple flower, the faint fragrance can repel insects, soothing effect.

  Evening incense.

Containing medicinal ingredients such as aromatic alcohol, in summer and autumn, clusters of yellow-green bell-shaped flowers will bloom, with a strong fragrance. This fragrance makes mosquitoes afraid.

  Seven Mile Incense.

Containing linalool and other medicinal ingredients, the leaves are small and bright, the flowers are dense and dense, and the leaves will emit a thick, sweet fragrance to repel mosquitoes.

The ancients used it to collect books, to avoid insects, and to remove fleas under the mat.


A herbaceous plant of the family Asteraceae, a plant with a few yellow flowers for a few months, with slime around the heads of the flowers, and mosquitoes falling on it.

A carnivorous plant with strange leaves and an oblong “pest trap bottle” hanging from the top. The bottle can be opened and closed to catch insects.