Honey Juice Peanut Juice Improves Women’s Dark Yellow Face

Honey Juice Peanut Juice Improves Women’s Dark Yellow Face

Who doesn’t love healthy white tender skin?

But poor care often causes skin problems. Do you know how to improve skin problems through diet?

Now we will teach you how to improve the skin’s eight major problems. Take a quick look. Skin care is not good. There will be rough skin, pale, yellow, dry, wrinkled skin, freckles and other phenomena.

Don’t worry, it can be improved by dietetic methods.

  Pale complexion-The reason for the pale complexion of honey and peanut jujube is lack of blood.

  Honey jujube and peanut jujube are prepared as follows: 100 grams of red dates and 100 grams of peanut kernels. After soaking in warm water, add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, cook on low heat until it is soft, add 200 grams of honey until the juice is thick and cease the fire, or use a pressure cookerAbout 30 minutes, the honey is ready for the peanut kernels and the red dates are cooked into the pot.

Red dates invigorate qi, peanut clothing invigorate blood, peanut meat moisturize, honey invigorate qi.

  The cause of multiple wrinkles is the deficiency of the spleen and stomach.

  The method of making dried fruit yam puree is: 500 grams of fresh yam or potato cooked, peeled, pressed, and squeezed into a dough shape, topped with peach kernel, red date, hawthorn, green plum and other fruit materials, cooked in a steamer for about 10Minutes, then pour honey.

Chinese yam nourish the spleen and kidney, peach kernel nourish the lung, nourish the kidney, moisturize and dry the brain, red dates nourish qi and nourish blood, comprehensively enhance the skin wrinkles, smooth and moist.

  Dark Face-Chestnut stewed cabbage is dark due to insufficient kidney qi and poor yin.

  The method for stewing cabbage with chestnuts is: 200 grams of raw chestnuts, shelled, cut in half, simmered with duck soup until cooked, add 200 grams of cabbage strips, salt, monosodium glutamate only, thicken the cabbage when cooked.

Duck nourishing yin and invigorating deficiency, chestnut spleen and kidney, cabbage tonifying yin and moistening, comprehensively make the complexion fair and bright.

  Rough face type-The reason why the burnt sea cucumbers have a rough face is due to lack of Yin blood, which is seen in the dry-type constitution.

  The preparation method of bamboo shoot sea cucumber is: 200g sliced sea cucumber, cut into strips with fresh bamboo shoots or 100g slices of bamboo shoots, cooked together with lean meat, added salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, wine, thickened and eaten.
Sea cucumber nourishes yin and nourishes, bamboo shoots clear the internal heat, and the comprehensive effect makes the skin delicate and smooth.

  Facial Deficiency Type-The cause of deficient obesity in Haimi fried rape is due to yang deficiency and insufficient kidney yang.

  The preparation method of fried rice rapeseed is: 200 grams of rapeseed, washed and cut into long sections, and fried with oil.

Then add 50 grams of warm sea water that has been soaked in warm water, add an appropriate amount of chicken broth and stir-fry, add salt, monosodium glutamate, and thicken to serve.

Rape diuretic and dehumidification, sea rice tonifying the kidney and yang, chicken soup tonic and qi, comprehensively make facial puffiness fade.