Simple exercise for the elderly

Simple exercise for the elderly

After combing your hair, comb your hair in front of the mirror before exercise.

First straight brush.

Wooden comb (do not use plastic, metal comb, preferably boxwood comb.

If there is no wooden comb, you can use your fingers instead, but the nails should be trimmed smoothly. From the top of the forehead to the pillow, brush about 20?
30 times, once a day, every time 3?
5 minutes, gradually accelerated later.
Use even force when combing, and do not use excessive force to prevent scratching the skin.

Then, the brush is slanted, the handle is gripped, and the wrist is rotated, so that the comb end touches the scalp and the comb is obliquely combed.

First comb along the head and comb the hair.

Then comb backwards and comb along the head.

  The rubbing movement of the comb can stimulate the nerve endings of the scalp and the meridians distributed in the head, complex the nerves and meridians, act on the cerebral cortex, regulate the meridians and nervous system, combine the head nerves, promote local blood circulation, stimulate the subcutaneousGland secretion, to eliminate fatigue, strengthen the body, promote hair growth, especially suitable for mental workers.

  The bath hand is one of the health massages.

Take the habitual position, eliminate the distracting thoughts, calm down and calm down, listen to the ear, do not look farsighted, and keep the navel, and rub the hands together from slow to fast.

  When the face is bathed, the hot hands are placed flat on the top, and the middle fingers are placed on the forehead along the nose and nose, down to the sides of the nose, repeatedly rubbing until the face is hot.

Then close your eyes and press your eyes and surroundings with your fingers.

  The activity site first uses the index finger of both hands, the ring finger repeatedly massages the wind pool, the acupuncture points of Fengfu, the strength from light to heavy, until the local fever, then left and right, before and after activities.

  Retract your lips and erect your hands and put your hands in the waist. Inhale first, then reduce your lips and slowly exhale until you are finished. Then take a deep breath and repeat it several times to more than ten times.

This can prolong the time of oxygen in the alveoli, promote the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, slowly exhale, and reduce the presence of residual gas in the alveoli, which has a very important health care effect for patients with chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

  Bend the two feet naturally apart, insert the waist with both hands, first bend left and right 30 times, then tilt back and forth 30 times, then spread the chest several times around the arm.