Chrysanthemum has a lot of curative effects_1

Chrysanthemum has many curative effects

Chrysanthemum pillow for dizziness. Add wild chrysanthemum to cotyledon leaves and mung bean husks. After drying, cool them down and fill the pillow bag with tight seams.

Chrysanthemum can regulate dizziness, headache, tinnitus, dizziness, etc., and can make urine clear.

Making pillows with chrysanthemums is helpful for dizziness caused by liver yang and fire, and irritability and sleeplessness at night.

  Chrysanthemum porridge to lower blood pressure to take 150 grams of glutinous rice, 15 grams of cassia seeds, 30 grams of fresh chrysanthemum.

After boiling the pot, add Cassia seeds and stir-fry, add 500 ml of water, boil for 30 minutes, remove the slag, add water and rice to cook porridge, add chrysanthemums when it is cooked, and boil, season with salt or rock sugar, and eat, Blood pressure lowering effect.

  Chrysanthemum water can protect the eyes from too much tears, and the eyes will swell the next morning. One way to effectively remove them is to apply cotton tea with chrysanthemum tea and apply it around the eyes. This edema will soon be eliminated.

Usually drinking a cup of chrysanthemum tea to drink can make some symptoms of eye fatigue, if you insist on drinking every day, it will help restore vision.

  Chrysanthemum fumigation treats headaches with neurological headache. 200 grams of white chrysanthemum can be used, boiled with water, poured into the basin, fumigate the head while hot, cover with a towel, to prevent the hot air in the basin from leaking, until the temperature of the juice replaces the body temperature.

  Chrysanthemum leaves can cure rat sores. You can use a handful of white chrysanthemum leaves or dead branches and roots of white chrysanthemum (more or less does not matter). Evergreen leaves (3?
4 tablets), fried into Chinese medicine, medication after meals, taken twice a day, usually visible within a week.

  The medicinal chrysanthemum can be used as a medicine to replace the sweet white chrysanthemum with a single leaf taste, and the wild chrysanthemum with a bitter yellow color is often used to clear heat and detoxify.

Chrysanthemums all have wind-clearing, heat-clearing, liver-relieving, eye-catching effects.

The main effect of Hang Ju Shu Shu Feng is to clear the heat; Bai Ju Ping liver improves the efficacy of eyesight; wild chrysanthemum emphasizes detoxification, and its leaves can also be applied topically to treat scabies.

  Chrysanthemum wine can benefit life “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” contains “Chrysanthemum wine Jiufu blood, light and durable and prolonged.

“The Compilation of Food Materia Medica of the Qing Dynasty” contained “chrysanthemum wine, cures the wind, clears the eyes, removes bladder paralysis, and eliminates all diseases.”

“Chrysanthemum tea can kill chrysanthemum tea. It is one of the cool drinks people love. Its aroma is strong and refreshing.

Chrysanthemum contains chrysanthemum toxin, choline, stachyine, amino acids and trace vitamins. It has a killing effect on E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, A and B streptococci.

She has fever, sweat, and no sweat.

  Chrysanthemum honey can cause dry hands and dry hands, and severe heat can cause itching and peeling.

You can use chrysanthemum, golden cicada clothing, and honey in an appropriate amount. Add water to the pot for half an hour. Separate the residue to take the liquid. You can soak your hands for a quarter of an hour and then wash it with water.

Helps restore white slippery hands and reduce cracks.

  Chrysanthemum cultivation and environmental protection Chrysanthemum can absorb harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride and carbon dioxide, purify the air and protect the environment.