Why the packaging carton is mostly light brown-

Why are the packaging cartons mostly light brown?

Color has an incredible magic power, and it will have a huge impact on human feeling.

For example, color can make people’s sense of time overlap, which is one of its many magical powers.

When people look at red, they feel that time is longer than the actual time, and when they look at blue, they feel that time is shorter than the actual time.

Ask two people to do an experiment, and let one of them enter the red room with pink wallpaper and dark red carpet, and let the other enter the blue room with blue wallpaper and blue carpet.

Don’t give them any timers, let them feel like they are out of the room after an hour.

As a result, the people in the red room are at 40?
It came out after 50 minutes, and the person in the blue room was at 70?
It didn’t come out after 80 minutes.

Some people say that this is because someone in the red room feels uncomfortable, so it feels like a long time.

There is a reason for this, but not necessarily.

The main reason is that people’s sense of time will be disturbed by the surrounding colors.

  Why are the packaging cartons mostly light brown?

  The reason why the packaging carton is mostly light brown is that it is made of recycled paper to maintain the original color of the pulp.

The packaging carton can be said to be an outstanding leader in waste recycling. More than 80% of the packaging carton will be recycled.

  However, there are more than one reason for the use of light brown packaging cartons.

This is also closely related to psychological weight.

Recently, in addition to light brown, white packaging cartons have also increased.

Some large logistics companies have unified their packaging cartons to white.

Light brown can make people feel that the weight of the packaging carton is relatively light, and under the name, white is even lighter.

Packing goods in color-packed cartons can reduce the psychological burden on transporters.

Also, white looks cleaner.

  The packaging carton can be recycled and reused, thereby reducing environmental damage and the burden on the environment.

That being said, light-colored packaging cartons can also reduce our psychological burden.