Five charms that working women should have

Five charms that working women should have

In a way, many people succeed because they “look like a successful person.”

This is the so-called “workplace charm”.

Here, we have provided you with 5 highly-targeted practice methods, so start today!

  Action one: Elegant posture We must acknowledge that this 55% reduction depends on our body language.

When you in a business suit squint your eyelids and slowly traverse the entire office, you will definitely leave a bad impression in the mind of your boss that you haven’t awoken, ignored or justified others.

However, if you walk into the office with ease and straight forward, then you will not give the impression of the front.

  This does not mean that we have to take an exaggerated catwalk like a model. Just be careful not to hump back and bow.

Because people who can only hold their bodies up and walk, often give people a very unreal feeling.

When considering a promotion list, the boss often deletes the name of such a person first.

  Prevention: Do you notice your shadow on a piece of glass looking out of prevention?

Do you habitually tilt your head to certain sides?

This is a typical feminine movement and a symbol of flattery in the animal world.

Remember to remind yourself and change it.

  Action two: wise and bold In the new environment, how to distinguish whether their behavior is brave or risky, women often find it difficult.

The reason is that women are often more picky about their appearance, and they also prefer to hide themselves, and they also like to keep thinking about what others think of themselves.

Only when you are unwavering in your faith will encouraging sparks emerge.

  Result: Replace all sentences that begin with “other” in the meeting with “I” as the subject of the sentence, thereby representing your point of view.

Try it out. For a certain hour, add the modifiers “I think” and “I thought” before commenting.

  Action three: sincere respect for a smart and popular personality object often changes their focus on the other side.

He will keep eye contact with the other party, and he will say slightly less than the other party said (the best percentage is 49%).

  This signifies: “I am not a self-centered person and I will give you enough space because I am a person worthy of harmony.

“A person with this attitude can often give the other person full trust, because he feels that what he caused is important to you.

The truly charismatic person is a respectable listener, and at the same time a very loyal and confidential person.

  Reason: If you feel that you have too little listening time each day, you might as well eat with a colleague with a completely different personality and listen to him.

You must be embarrassed by what you have learned from him.

  Action 4: Attractive Reporting No matter how good your idea is, to make others aware of it, you must describe it as concisely as possible.

Adding colored markers or comments to the report data will be more dense than boring data.

It also makes it easier for your boss or client to focus on understanding the point of view you have.

Moreover, seeing others are interested in your report, you will naturally find it a pleasant thing to replace it.

  Reason: Usually, our work area may be very strange to others, and it will be difficult for them to understand at once.

Therefore, try to explain your new idea to your friends who work in other industries.

After 15 minutes, if he understands what you mean, you succeed.

  Action five: Authoritative voices Panic and harsh voices often make others nervous.

If you can lower the sound a bit, control the speed slowly and moderately, and guide the person listening to you through some short pauses, you can easily win a good impression of the other person.

  In foreign countries, there are specialized workplace voice coaches. One of the most basic suggestions they think is: “In your personality, relax your body and control your feet.

“In other words, if we can keep our body upright when we talk, and become the body’s center of gravity evenly distributed to our feet, our speech can make a deeper impression on others.